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Dingdong Dantes

On Go, Gerard's previous blog post, Gerard revealed that Marian Rivera gave him a surprise...that is...TAD-AAAAH! An instax photo of the awesomeness that is Dingdong Dantes.

What makes this instax special? Aside from Dingdong's appeal ringing all over it, Marian Rivera actually took this photo herself. Again.. MARIAN RIVERA TOOK THIS PHOTO (caps COMPLETELY necessary). Bravaaaaaa!

The backstory: Right after Gerard told the whole history and shenanigans of Go, Gerard!, Marian asked his permission (yeheeees) if he wants a photo of Dingdong for his blog. Why-freakin'-not??!! So yeah, Gerard agreed to her idea, Marian borrowed his instax camera, then rushed over at the dubbing room (where Dingdong was doing his dubbing for My Beloved), then CLICK!...Dingdong's instax photo was born. Cool, right? :)

So let Gerard say his thanks! To Marian Rivera, for adding another milestone in Go, Gerard!'s history. We love you! To Dingdong Dantes, I know you're super awesome and the only guy who looks great with a mustache, thank you for agreeing to have your photo taken. And you've got a totally awesome girlfriend too. Dammit! :)

Marian Rivera

It's been a weird summer. Weird in a sense that the weather seems to have gone bonkers—from sweating like crazy in the morning to wearing rain boots in the afternoon—that Gerard just stayed at home and hibernated. Hello, climate change! But Gerard isn't the type to just sleep all day and eat chips in front of the TV. He likes being dragged along adventures, especially in an interview with a very beautiful actress. :)

Gerard recently had the pleasure of meeting her celebrity crush Marian Rivera at the set of her show My Beloved. MARIAN-freakin'-RIVERA! The summer heat is definitely on again. Gerard was sweating through his plastic body and the layers of deo he used wasn't working. Gerard just gawked at Marian's face the whole time...staring at her pretty face he only sees on TV and billboards. But Marian was not in her sexy Darna costume. In person, she is just a simple woman, even more beautiful as we see her on TV, she's funnier, no inhibitions...she's just as REAL as you can get. Marian listened intently as Gerard outlined Go, Gerard!'s history. She even offered him pancit. Now Gerard is starting to feel that Marian has a tiny crush on him! Hahaha! Dream on, dude!

P.S. Marian Rivera was so amazed about the whole robot-instax combo that she made an effort to give Gerard a special surprise. Check out Gerard's next post to find out :)

P.P.S. Thank you, Krizette Chu!!!


Champagne Shower!!!
Standing ovation!!
Virtual high five!
Stage dive!

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Go, Gerard! began. Even little Gerard can't believe it too! Looking through all the wonderful instax photos, Gerard can see how much the blog has evolved and become something he never could imagine (Nimu, on the other hand, is pulling her hair out when she calculated the cost of all the instax films used for Gerard's adventures! gaaaaaah) Gerard is thankful for the positive feedback…and the negative ones too. The best part of the blog was definitely Nimu and Gerard's interviews with Instax Manila and Lomograhy Asia. We hope we inspire people through Gerard's adventures. Cheers to Gerard's future adventures!!!