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Agot Isidro

"Cupcake…" Gerard whispered to himself when he saw her. 

It was love-at-first-sight the moment he saw Alex Macunatan's face on the TV screen. The sweet and charming way she uttered the word "Papsie" never failed to melt Gerard's metal heart. Since then, he never missed an episode of Oki Doki Dok and thought that his subscription to "The Robo-human Channel", the RoboPlanet counterpart of "The Filipino Channel", was worth every single Roney (the primary currency in RoboPlanet).

You could just imagine Gerard's excitement when he finally met Agot Isidro aka "Cupcake" a few months ago at a photo shoot for one of her product endorsements. Gerard couldn't help but be attracted to Agot's magnetic beauty and personality. "No wonder Doc Aga's head over heels for her," he said.

Gerard was also pleasantly surprised when he learned that Agot is already in her 40's.  "What the… it can't be!" he exclaimed. Gerard (in stalker mode) read in Agot's blog that she's a gym and Yoga nut, which explains her fit and healthy physique. Another thing that Gerard found interesting is that Agot loves to eat. "She eats like a horse?! That's un-freakin-believable! She looks AWESOME!" Gerard said, falling in love with "Cupcake" all over again. 

Flying Forward

European sneaker Feiyue steps for the first time in the Philippines! Gerard attended the media launch of Feiyue last October 13 at Opus, ResortsWorld.

"Fei...yue...fei..yuh...fei..yeah? Sounds like a tongue twister to me," Gerard said. Feiyue (pronounced afeî-ué), that literally means "flying forward" in chinese, was a originally a chinese brand that makes those comfy kung fu shoes. In 2006, Feiyue was bought and revamped by the french dudes! Awesome!

Gerard wanted a detailed history of the sneaker, so he asked Matthews Chang.
Matthews was the presenter at the launch and he told the sneaker's cool history to everyone. He's the marketing representative of Feiyue Singapore. Gerard considers him the coolest guy in those khakis, glasses, and Feiyue sneaks.

Yay! Nimu got a free pair! She got a Feiyue Delta Mid in gray and suede. Gerard wished Feiyue made those cool shoes his size! Thanks Feiyue!!! :)

Hippie Bloggers

When Gerard was in eighth grade, gazillion light years ago, he had a loose polo shirt that he wore with bell bottom jeans. That shirt—which his mother loathed—was floral with colors including blues and greens. He usually wore it on Friday nights. He was a hippie!

Gerard took a trip back to the Hippieville when he met these four bloggers at a photo shoot for a local brand. 

Shai Lagarde, Crissey Si, Valerie Chua and Dominique Tiu wore the updated versions of a bohemian: leather, scarves, fringes, and patterns—floral or crazy graphics—and wore it with…ehem…wait for it….JEANS (Gerard had to press the caps lock button on that word)!

They totally put the power back in flower! They've come to spread peace, love and happiness with Gerard!

Check out their blogs!

Dominique Tiu                                 Valeria Chua


Crissey Si                                  Shai Lagarde

Armi Millare

Gerard wipes the raindrops on his forehead and arms while waiting for his photo-op with Armi Millare. It's raining cats, dogs, elephants and hippos that friday night. Friday night and rain are not a perfect combination, Gerard thought. But a chance to meet and say "Hi!" to Up Dharma Down's vocalist turns from perfect into a surreal moment. Yup, a little rust won't hurt him!

Finally, after a minute of waiting, it's Gerard's turn for his 10 seconds with Armi. Can I have a picture with ya, Gerard asks. "Sure. Wow! You're so cute!" Armi says. THUMP!! THUMP!! BOOM!! Gerard's metal heart raptures and dies for a second! Well, Gerard shouldn't be surprised; Armi's pure talent and pretty face would actually make everyone die with happiness. After their photo-op, she rushes out of the soaked B-side to attend another gig. 

The first time Gerard listened to Up Dharma Down was back in 2007. They're brilliant. Fast-forward to 2011, UDD is still that brilliant band. Hmmmm…brilliant is not the word. Hailed by TIme Magazine as the Asian band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of America, UDD is GENIUS.

If Gerard had a chance to talk with Armi longer that 10 seconds, he would probably ask cliche questions like "Who's Dharma?" "Why did you cut your hair?" or " Why are you so god damn pretty??!" But looking at their cute photo together, he's not regretting any of it. It's the most epicly awesome 10 seconds of his life!!!

Dan was Here

It's a bird…

It's a plane…

SpiderDan? Joker? Mang Serapio? Captain Planet? Michael Jackson?...

It's Dan Ramon Geromo! (as his normal self)

Dan lives in costumes, plays for three local bands, was (and forever will be) a superhero, and the only man who can only pull off a spidey costume other than Toby Maguire. He has nothing to fear but but a lame crowd and an empty stomach. His favorite quote: "The best things in life are freaks."

Disguise the limit...

Dan's multiple costume changes inspire Gerard to also try joining cosplay conventions and organize a costume party for his next birthday. This halloween, Gerard will attend his first Trick or Treat party, but he can't decide between dressing up as Edward Cullen or Derek Zoolander—but he can always go as both.

A Girl Named Kitchie

Kitchie Cruz was listening to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" on her computer the day she met Gerard. She has that pretty face, charming and sweet personality, and sense of humor that Gerard and every teenage boy out there dreams of. Kitchie may have that girl-next-door charm. She's definitely not your ordinary girl. She has an appetite of a baby cow! Hahaha! Yup, she can devour a big hamburger by herself… with fries and ice cream on the side. "But why," Gerard thought, "with all that calories and carbs…she never gained weight?"

She was an editorial assistant for travel, lifestyle, showbiz and gaming magazines at her previous job. And being the youngest employee at that time, she experienced a lot of pressure and challenges. But those stressful days didn't stop her from having a good laugh and sharing jokes with everyone. She also loves shopping. Now, she works for accessory line Zuri where she jumbles marketing strategies, travel and events. The coolest part… she's able to wear all those beautiful Zuri accessories (just like what she's wearing on the photo).

Cupcakes and Mustaches

Beverly Dalton threw a kick-ass sugar high Cupcake Party for her 28th birthday. Mmmm…well, it was not actually a party because it was just five of them—Eric, Reggie, Nimu and Gerard. Bevs ordered 4 kinds of cupcakes and iced hazelnut coffee at Cupcakes by SONJA. Gerard's favorite cupcake is the Outrageous Mississipi Mudpie.

With Bevs, there is no such thing as ordinary and she just loves being random. On top of all the calories, caffeine and shinanigans, the birthday girl made paper mustaches for her amigos! They looked like mexican bandits. Really really cool!

Thanks so much Bevs for the party!! Those yummy cup cakes will be forever in our hearts (and on our hips)! -Nimu, Gerard, Reggie, Eric