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Ebe Dancel

Gerard was there at Sugarfree's final gig at UP Fair last March and it was a sad moment not only for Gerard but for the whole Pinoy music industry. Months after their sensationalized band break-up, Ebe Dancel Batman!
There's something new about Ebe Dancel. New haircut:   Did he lose some weight:?  A new solo album Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig✓  Wooooot! Damn, we miss this guy! Gerard bought his album at SaGuijo and was reading the impressive list of names in the credits. Ebe was able to jam with different musicians for different kinds of songs. Being in a band was cool. But being able to collaborate with musicians is a different trip! Nice one, Ebe! Virtual high-five to you!

Ebe invited Gerard and everyone to join him on his album launch this September 29, 2011, 7pm at Teatrino, Greenhills Promenade. Buy his album, too!! Let's go, yo!!!

Click here to see the album launch poster. :)

Pat Mateo

You may have noticed Gerard hasn't been around much lately, or at least he hasn't been posting here. He just got out of the robo-hospital a few days ago because of scratches and bruises. He was there for 3 days and was given massive amounts of "anti-robiotics" and "petroleum-painkillers". The minor injuries were caused by too much manhandling… photographer Pat Mateo.

Gerard and Pat are good friends. They like to act scenes and lines from Pinoy action movies during a photo-shoot break. All bromance aside, Pat Mateo is a really really good photographer. He's one of the favorite photographers of NiMu's team because he's cool, funny, and easy to work with.

Gerard's thought bubble: "Have you ever heard people in real life speak with such slow, deep voices and metaphors?" In this photo, Pat and Gerard were reenacting a scene from Fernando Poe Jr.'s movie "Batas Sa Aking Kamay". 
Gerard as FPJ
Pat as Eddie Garcia 

Pat (as Major): “Marami ka pang….bigas na kakanin.”
Gerard: “Di ako kumakain ng bigas, Major. Sinasaing ko muna...para maging kanin! Ikaw pala Major….. bigas pa lang…. kinakain mo na.”

Pat got a little bit carried away and squeezed Gerard too hard that resulted minor scratches and bruises.

Pat and Gerard also goofed around and shared tagalog quotes from movies such as "Mag-hunusdili ka, Inay!", "Salbahe!", "Hinay-hinay!", "Ilabas mo ang pitaka mo, ngayon din!", “Puno na ang salop, dapat ka nang kalusin!” and, “Huwag mo na linlangin ang sarili mo, anak."

En route: South Korea

Seoul is an amazing city. I went there a few months ago for a press junket and I've fallen in love with the city ever since. I had the chance to visit Seoul once again last week, and I made sure Gerard joined me in my trip.

This was Gerard's first "real" trip. The whole 'departure-arrival-airplane-baggage' thing was new to him... and the mere thought of metal detectors in airports made his legs tremble. So I reserved a comfortable seat for Gerard...inside my bag. I was so excited to show him the randomness of Seoul.

Nimu lent me her instax camera for souvenir shots but she ran out of film. I took 3 instax photos with Nimu's camera and, since I haven't been converted to analog photography just yet, the rest were from my ever reliable digicam.

____ 하나 ____
____ ____
This was at Cafe Hoho Myoll, such a wonderful charming coffee place at Hongdae. Gerard loved this arty Korean area because there were a lot of young people and it has an independent vibe. It reminded him of Cubao X but only in a bigger aspect. He loved Cafe Hoho Myoll so much and he can't wait to go back.

The cafe was decorated with random items and Gerard really submerged himself in all that adorable cuteness. It was quite overwhelming, really. 

More cuteness...

He ordered a warm banana crumble muffin and a mocha-flavored tasty good! *burp*

The coffee and drinks were made inside the cutest VW bus inside the cafe. Before leaving, Gerard felt all touristy so he wanted a souvenir inside the VW bus "kitchen"... really, really cute!!!

____ 둘 ____
____ 2 ____

Gerard was able to experience all that spicy goodness at a Korean restaurant in Myeong-dong! Free-flowing kimchi was served. And he loved how he was able to cook his own food...

This meal was a mix of chicken, cabbage, mushroom and rice cake with that traditional spicy sauce Koreans just slather on almost any kind of food.

____ 셋 ____
____ 3 ____

Ahh, the Locks of Love at Namsan Tower. Gerard felt all romantic. Lovers come here to "lock" their love with a padlock on a fence--symbolizing the promise to stay together forever. Gerard has yet to find the love of his life but the thought of bringing someone here made him all giddy. The place is high up a mountain and you could almost see all of Seoul. Pretty scary if you're afraid of heights!

____ 넷 ____
____ 4 ____

Gerard also went to Changdeokgung Palace. He didn't take the private tour though because it was too expensive but he just went around by himself, maveling over its majesty.

He thought it would be nice to come here during the winter when all is cold and white. 

 Not knowing its history, he walked around the palace imagining stories of a Korean princess with a secret lover, a warrior perhaps, and together they hide in these walls, discreetly professing their love for each other.

____ 다섯 ____
____ 5 ____

This is Yeoksam area, a station away Gangnam, where Gerard would go home to after doing all the touristy stuff. Very metropolitan. But still quite charming because streets are lined with trees. 

Chew, drink, stroll, talk, and laugh. That's what Gerard and I did during our 5-day trip in Seoul, and it was the happiest days of our lives.

Annyeong Haseyo!!

Gerard goes to South Korea!
 Will post photos soon! :)

Woman of Style

Gerard really can't help it. He bumped into another woman of style: Patty Betita

Gerard blushed and shyed away from the camera when he met supermodel Patty a few weeks ago at a shoot for her Facial Care endorsement. She's really friendly, simple, beautiful, and looks young for her age! Style comes out of her naturally—Gerard thinks she looks great and classic on that striped maxi dress! Dream Girl Alert!! Gerard and Patty talked about food, Santorini, Greece, Filipino designers, and Tretorn. She also taught Gerard her favorite Ilonggo expression: "ambot sa imo!" 

Just like any other 21st century woman, Patty is modern, independent and successful. She established Thousand Oaks Personality Development Training Center which she handles along side her modeling career. She teaches business and social etiquette to employees, showing them how to be more confident, presentable, and well-groomed at a workplace. She conducts sessions for future models, too! Gerard wants to enter the world of modeling to overcome his shyness and stiffness. Patty said she's really looking forward to teaching him Modeling 101 soon.

Scenesters BJ and Ziggy

SPOTTED: Two of Manila's most talented young personalities, BJ Pascual and Ziggy Savella.

Gerard met them for the first time at Bonchon a few months back. It was a fun fun fun night! They're both funny, cute, and screaming fashion (fashion pronounced as 'FASYOOOWN'). BJ and Ziggy are no strangers to the fashion industry. BJ is a top fashion photographer. Most of the covers of magazines Gerard saw on the newsstands lately were BJ's work. Woot! Meanwhile, Ziggy is a fashion designer. Gerard likes Ziggy's collection at the Philippine Fashion Week, it all looked wonderful! Gerard particularly liked the yellow hooded jacket that Ziggy designed. He thinks the bright color will suit his metallic complexion.

What makes them even more interesting is that aside from fashion, BJ and Ziggy love K-Pop. Gerard asked them their favorites—BJ is a fan of the "beastly idols" 2PM. SHINee is Ziggy's favorite, particularly Key and OTP JongHyun. Gerard appreciates korean songs, too! He's likes After School and 2NE1 because they're all very pretty. K-pop really brings people closer together, right Ziggy? :)

Check out BJ's works here.
See Ziggy's collections here.

Instax Manila

Three months ago, Gerard and Nimu were interviewed by Instax Manila. Read the full interview here.

Instax Manila is an online store intended not only for potential Instax camera buyers, but also for anyone out there who is interested in instant photography. Instax Manila is run by Kara Hizon.

Other than Instax Manila, Kara also owns Lomo Loco Shop, which has been online since August 2009- so its pretty obvious she's into photography. But Kara is also a rakista at heart. Gerard bumped into Kara at the Incubus concert last July. And yeah, this girl is ready to rock 'n roll! She also watched the 30 Seconds to Mars concert the day after wearing a bikini! hahaha! Too bad Gerard wasn't able to see that! Kara told Nimu that she enjoys reading Gerard's adventures, especially about the musicians and his dancing videos.

Gerard's curious facts about Kara:
  • She's a database engineer. "What the hell is that??" screamed Gerard. 
  • She's always stoked on surfing! Baler, La Union, Hawaii... you name it, she's there!
  • On some occasions, she could finish a big, greasy burger in just one sitting.
  • She likes Gavin Rossdale, Jared Leto, Brandon Boyd, and Prince Charming.
  • Recently, her whole bag was stolen. All of her important stuff were in it. She came home that night and ate copious amounts of ice cream.

Kim Hyun Joong

Korean superstar Kim Hyun Joong arrived in the Philippines last week for his "Break Down" album tour and to promote The Face Shop, a popular brand he endorses.

NiMu took this instax photo of Kim Hyun Joong at The Face Shop's press conference last August 26 at The Rockwell Club. At the press con, KHJ met 74 year-old Patria Ragasa. Lola Patria is a big fan of KHJ. She had a chance to meet and greet (and kiss!) his idol when her daughter, Maria Rosario, joined and won the The Face Shop's charity auction of KHJ's autographed sports shorts. Maria's winning bid went to Abiertas House of Friendship.

After the press con, NiMu joined Bevs, Reggie and RJ, and they all shared a bit of fangirling before leaving the venue.

Gerard was not there at the press con. He was a bit sleepy that day and just stayed home. But when he saw this photo, he immediately bought The Face Shop E'Thym O2 Water Aura Cream. Gerard said he wants to have perfect skin in the future like Kim Hyun Joong.

Special thanks to Lawrence and Beverly Dalton.