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Paolo Valenciano

October 31, 2011 - Surf & Music Festival at Baler, Aurora

Solenn Heussaff

Crush of the Month is Solenn Heussaff.

Gerard the minibot met Solenn at her Cosmopolitan Magazine photo shoot. She was GOOOOORGEOUS. Gerard instantly fell head over metal heels for her because:

1. She's got the killer looks and body. DUH!

2. Solenn is not just a pretty face. This lady's got talent. She can sing, model, paint, act, bake. :) Niiiiice.

3. Move over Derek Zoolander! Solenn's got the real Magnum.

Because of these 3 reasons why Solenn's my Crush of the Week.


Okay, fine! She's the Girl Crush of Life :)

Super Elmo

Elmo Magalona, son of the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona (and sometimes even called the brother of Maxene Magalona) has always been his own man. 

Gerard met Elmo at the set of Total Girl magazine photo shoot. He was quiet, shy, sheepishly filling out a paper required for the magazine interview. But after a few conversations and the photo shoot itself, Gerard discovered that Elmo's smart, makulit, engaging, and polite…with the look and few swags of his dad. At 17, he's actually aware of the privileges and pressures of being the son of Francis M, but he's slowly (and surely) starting his own mark in the industry. :)
Gerard robo-swagger punched Elmo! hahaha!

All smiles with her ka-loveteam Julie Anne San Jose :)

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

When Gerard met Kathryn Bernardo a few months ago, he knew he had to meet her again. Kathryn is humble, sweet, and really really friendly. So despite the hullabaloo with the rain and stuff, Gerard (along with Nimu and the entire magazine crew), trooped to Kath's magazine photo shoot with her loveteam, Daniel Padilla.

Hmmm, another handsome son-of-a-Padilla. Daniel, just like any other teenage boy out there (well, he's not that "average." Daniel is a worldwide trending topic on Twitter and a platinum recording artist.... whatuuuuup!) is funny, makulit and was very much game to do whatever crazy things he was asked to do, like a popcorn fight with Kathryn and a Dougie dance battle with Gerard. :)
G just got eyebrowed by DJ. Who's cuter? Daniel or Gerard? To vote, text GoGerard (answer) to 2232. Kidding!! :)

Take 2 photo :) Gerard wants to teamup with Kathryn, too. So Gerard came up with a few hypothetical loveteam name ideas: KathGe, KathArd, GerKath, GerRyn. GerNiel (Waaah!) To vote, text GoGerard (answer) to 2333. Hahaha!

Kathryn and Daniel aka KathNiel to their fans, gamely showing their cuteness!

Ben Chan

Gerard was looking for some cute undies (is he a boxers or briefs guy? Hmmm...we'll keep you guessing on that one) so he called very good friend BFF Ben Chan, who is—and you must know this—the expert, the pioneer, the master on matters of intimate concerns here in the Philippines (and slowly taking over the international market: I'm looking at you Tyra Banks and Nylon Guys' editors!)

After some aaaaawwwkwaaaard fittings, Gerard chose a very comfy printed boxer brief. Gerard and his well-oiled tushie got the perfect pair, thanked Ben his BFF, had a picture with him of course (Nimu and Kriz tagged along, too!) and merrily went on his way. :)

S + K Wedding

A lot of weddings are beautiful and touching. When you have the money and resources, it's easy to hire the best people to create a flawless production. But not a lot of weddings have HEART.

Gerard went to most anticipated wedding of the year (Brangelina, we're looking at you!) last May 19, 2012. Kriska finally married her sweetheart of 10 years Sam Lim (who is no stranger to Nimu and Gerard, too) in the cutest, coolest DIY wedding where Kriska and Sam's friends and sibs did the wedding invitations, decorations, cooked the buffet food, made up the choir, did the hosting of the reception and even did video and photo shoots. Nimu and Jake *ehem* were the instax photogs at the reception. Nimu, together with her Tuke barkada, couldn't stop crying as Kriska walked down the aisle because this incredible woman that is Kriska (yeeeees!) is now married and is having a baby (Sam, we're looking at you!).

Some weddings become elaborate displays of wealth, but this was a simple, touching, intimately stylish, shining-shimmering-splendid (shoutout to the sparkler sponsors) affair no one would soon forget. Gerard's presence was the icing on the muffin, of course. Gerard couldn't dream up a better wedding for Kriska and Sam. (all together now: Aaawwww...)

Gerard wish Kriska and Sam all the happiness in the world. And oh, thanks for the free Boso-Boso view and accommodation (a.k.a. our car seats) hahaha!

En Route: Baguio City

Just like what Eraserheads said: "Magda-drive ako hanggang Baguio..."

Weird ear-popping sensation when traveling in the mountains—Check ! Drive up north of Luzon—Check ! (well...errrr...Gerard did not drive all the way to Baguio, he took the easier route: hopped in Nimu's car and rode all the way up north. The Baguio trip was unplanned, the original plan was just a day trip to Subic, Pampanga. But when Gerard woke up from a deep and dreamy sleep, they were in Kennon Road already. Whaaaahhaaat!!!! The highway was steep and the thrilling zigzag was exciting and nauseating at the same time. Gerard was fascinated with the breathtaking view of the mountains. Gerard even rolled down the car windows to feel the cool breeze of Baguio.

All the way up the highway is the Lion's Head. Nimu said a Baguio trip wouldn't be complete without taking home a souvenir photo with this famous animal monument.
"Oh, Lion, what big teeth you have!!" -Gerard
(Spot Gerard)

Many people visit Baguio every summer because of it's cold weather and attractive tourist spots. And for Gerard's last summer hurrah, he made a list (a.ka. Baguio Checklist) of what to do in Baguio: visit attractive tourist spots, eat strawberries, ride ponies and bikes, buy Nimu ukay clothes, and of course, hug a pine tree!
Hug a pine tree—Check ✔! Yay! The pine trees at Burham Park are amaze-balls! He touched one of the trunk just to make sure it was a real tree coz the trees look fake hahaha! He even sat under it. The air was cool and the smell of pine was that familiar scent of Christmas! It made Gerard's metal case glow in happy-happy-joy-joy-ness. Aaaah, so much happiness a pine tree could give. So please, SAVE THE PINE TREES!!! 

Til the next summer adventure!

Bea Binene

It's the first time Gerard heard the word tween. According to Gerard's online friend and translator Google, tweens are considered "too old for toys, too young for boys". But when he met Bea Binene at a photo-shoot for Total Girl, there's definitely more than just being a tween. Bea believes tweens can do anything and sometimes do better than adults can. She is an actress and a TV host. She's also one of the Junior Child Ambassador for the Haribon Foundation. And when Gerard asked her what sport does she do, Gerard took few steps back when Bea said "Wushu!" Whoa!

Lesson learned: Don't underestimate tweens. :)

Dingdong Dantes

On Go, Gerard's previous blog post, Gerard revealed that Marian Rivera gave him a surprise...that is...TAD-AAAAH! An instax photo of the awesomeness that is Dingdong Dantes.

What makes this instax special? Aside from Dingdong's appeal ringing all over it, Marian Rivera actually took this photo herself. Again.. MARIAN RIVERA TOOK THIS PHOTO (caps COMPLETELY necessary). Bravaaaaaa!

The backstory: Right after Gerard told the whole history and shenanigans of Go, Gerard!, Marian asked his permission (yeheeees) if he wants a photo of Dingdong for his blog. Why-freakin'-not??!! So yeah, Gerard agreed to her idea, Marian borrowed his instax camera, then rushed over at the dubbing room (where Dingdong was doing his dubbing for My Beloved), then CLICK!...Dingdong's instax photo was born. Cool, right? :)

So let Gerard say his thanks! To Marian Rivera, for adding another milestone in Go, Gerard!'s history. We love you! To Dingdong Dantes, I know you're super awesome and the only guy who looks great with a mustache, thank you for agreeing to have your photo taken. And you've got a totally awesome girlfriend too. Dammit! :)

Marian Rivera

It's been a weird summer. Weird in a sense that the weather seems to have gone bonkers—from sweating like crazy in the morning to wearing rain boots in the afternoon—that Gerard just stayed at home and hibernated. Hello, climate change! But Gerard isn't the type to just sleep all day and eat chips in front of the TV. He likes being dragged along adventures, especially in an interview with a very beautiful actress. :)

Gerard recently had the pleasure of meeting her celebrity crush Marian Rivera at the set of her show My Beloved. MARIAN-freakin'-RIVERA! The summer heat is definitely on again. Gerard was sweating through his plastic body and the layers of deo he used wasn't working. Gerard just gawked at Marian's face the whole time...staring at her pretty face he only sees on TV and billboards. But Marian was not in her sexy Darna costume. In person, she is just a simple woman, even more beautiful as we see her on TV, she's funnier, no inhibitions...she's just as REAL as you can get. Marian listened intently as Gerard outlined Go, Gerard!'s history. She even offered him pancit. Now Gerard is starting to feel that Marian has a tiny crush on him! Hahaha! Dream on, dude!

P.S. Marian Rivera was so amazed about the whole robot-instax combo that she made an effort to give Gerard a special surprise. Check out Gerard's next post to find out :)

P.P.S. Thank you, Krizette Chu!!!


Champagne Shower!!!
Standing ovation!!
Virtual high five!
Stage dive!

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Go, Gerard! began. Even little Gerard can't believe it too! Looking through all the wonderful instax photos, Gerard can see how much the blog has evolved and become something he never could imagine (Nimu, on the other hand, is pulling her hair out when she calculated the cost of all the instax films used for Gerard's adventures! gaaaaaah) Gerard is thankful for the positive feedback…and the negative ones too. The best part of the blog was definitely Nimu and Gerard's interviews with Instax Manila and Lomograhy Asia. We hope we inspire people through Gerard's adventures. Cheers to Gerard's future adventures!!!

Chris Tiu

Mmmkay, it's almost a year since Gerard promised to himself and to the entire worldwide web that he's gonna try a sport. Usually, Gerard has a lot of excuses like "my back was glued to my bed" or "not enough time" or "it's more fun to shoot a yummy orange ball into my mouth than into the hoop" blah blah blah...

This ultimate robo-slacking has to end. Good thing he bumped into another inspiration: Chris Tiu.
Chris Tiu is everywhere. Since the time he revealed the "sikreto ng mga gwapo" on a TV commercial a few years back, every guy was forced to rub their faces with an astringent-soaked cotton. Even Gerard had his fair share of the astringent craze, he actually drank a whole bottle of astringent instead of wiping some on his face. Still, Gerard did not twitch an inch like Chris Tiu. 

If not playing for the national basketball team, Chris is hosting a game show or contemplating whether to take another graduate degree program (while sipping his favorite milk tea (with pearls) while listening to Jay Chou). What is Chris' secret? Gerard has to find out his secret to awesomeness. Is it hard work? perseverance?  good looks? another bottle of astringent? Milo? Hmmm...

Aside from basketball, Chris is also into golf and was about to watch a golfing event that weekend. But the week he met Gerard, he just in fact came from a round of tennis with his brother, Charles. He said he wanted to try different sports and that he wanted to do so many things. This should be an inspiration to Gerard! How an athlete who is already good at his sport still wants to try so many other things.

But Chris was quite impressed with Gerard's dance moves. He said this is also one good way to work out. His advice to Gerard: "Have faith, work hard and play fair. Inspire others and make a difference in other people's lives. And oh, Gerard, a little wipe of astringent won't hurt :)"

She got that super bass!

After 4 fun years spent working at HIP, Nimu decided to move on and seek new challenges. Nimu told Gerard that she was thankful for having had the chance to be hired a week after her college graduation. She learned a lot, working on many, many projects with the smartest people in publishing industry.

Nimu now is working for Summit Media. She's (still) an art director of a tween magazine called Total Girl. Gerard, on the other hand, enjoys the creative atmosphere of her new office. His favorite room is...wait for it...the pantry! But when he's not eating, he sticks a magnet on his belly and jump against the steel wall partitions of the office cubicles.


Who can totally rap Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass"? Julie Anne can!

Julie Anne San Jose is the cover girl of Total Girl Magazine for the month of March (and Nimu's first issue with the magazine! YAY!). Aside from neon polkadots, stripes, and cute props, Julie Anne loves singing...and she can't live without it. Julie Anne can rap "And he ill-he real-he might got a deal-He pop bottles and he got the right kind of build-He cold-he dope-he might sell coke-He always in the air-but he never fly coach" like a pro, but she adds her own swag to it. And sure she got Gerard's heartbeat running away. Julie Anne's voice gave Gerard boom-badoom-boom-badoom-boom-goosebumps and shivers down his metal spine.

Watch "Super Bass" cover by Julie Anne here!

Grab a copy of Total Girl Magazine March issue. Available on bookstores and newsstands nationwide!


David and Gerard

There's no better way to welcome the new season of American Idol
than meeting an American Idol alumnus DAVID ARCHULETA!! 

Gerard knows what you're thinking: "HE'S HERE AGAIN???" It's true, he just keeps coming back. Well, as long as Saudi Arabia produces airplane fuel, David will keep coming back here in the Philippines hahaha!

Gerard got the chance to attend the press conference of David Archuleta here in Manila. At the presscon, David said he will be in town to film a show this February with TV5 called Nandito Ako. Gerard probably knows you're next question: "WHY?????" And to answer that: "Why not?" David will be putting down his mic for a while to try his hands at acting along side Eula Caballero and Gerard's biggest celebrity crush, Jasmine Curtis-Smith *blush*. Oh wait ...sorry...David will also be singing the Filipino theme song of the series! Gerard can almost hear David singing a few slang lines: "Nen-deeetow akoooohw umii-bhig sayeowwww...." 

David was really nice, simple and game, even giving in to posing with Gerard. He even turned Gerard's wind-up key to see his signature "robo-dance"move.

Hooray!! Cheers to Go, Gerard's baptism of international stars.

In the Company of Wolfgang

WOLFGANG. Heavy metal. Rock. Grunge. Aggressive. Hard. Fast. Loud. 

Basti Artadi and Manuel Legarda in their full Tisoy glory.

Wolfgang has been Gerard's favorite rock band and the biggest influence to so many other bands. He remembers having all the cassette tapes of their previous albums (insert age here). Gerard watched their live performance at The Surf and Music Festival in Baler, Aurora last year. His metal throat hurt singing to Wolfgang's "Halik ni Hudas". He even participated full-on in a mosh pit for the first time.  And yes, the bruises and the pain after is so worth it. \m/  \m/

New Year's Resolution List

This 2012...Gerard wants to:
  1. work out more
  2. save
  3. have an oil change every 6 months to avoid breakdowns (physically and mentally)
  4. keep up with the Kardashians
  5. make new friends
  6. be more confident
  7. be the robo boss of 2012
To kickoff 2012, he asked Nimu's friend and makeup artist Cathy Cantada-Dizon for a "robo-makeover". Even though Cathy is an expert makeup artist for celebs, models, and brides, she happily agreed to be Gerard's "fairy godmother". 
Cathy and Gerard talked about music, Yoga, Paris Hilton, and the 20th Century Fox opening theme song obsession of his cute son, Crow. After the not-so-extreme-robo makeover, Gerard not only had more confidence, he also made a new friend! Thanks, Cathy!


Gerard (baby)rocketing into 2012!