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Joel Torre as Jose Rizal

When Gerard did some cleaning last weekend, he found several 1-peso coin pushed under his bedroom rug. He picked up a coin and looked at it more closely. The coin is made of copper-zinc-nickel with the face and name Jose Rizal on it. Gerard got curious about Jose Rizal so he decided to aboard his new time travel space shuttle.

He typed JOSE RIZAL on the keyboard. 3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!! ZOOOOOOOM!

It only took a second when Gerard reached his destination: Calamba, Laguna. The street where his space shuttle landed was full of busy people. He noticed that the light posts looked like klieg lights, trailers were parked on the side of the street, and racks with overflowing dresses, hats, and shoes. Gerard was kinda overwhelmed with the situation when he was approached by a man with long hair, beard and blue-tinted glasses.
His name is Crisostomo Ibarra. He has a very strong personality. Gerard got a bit intimidated, but Cris eventually warmed up after few conversations about the Filipino-Spanish revolution. Gerard was talking about his new spaceship accessories when a man from the other end of the street shouted "CUT!"
He woke up from his daze and realized he was on the set of the movie Jose Rizal! Panicking, he dashed to his space shuttle and revved the engine. Meanwhile, Cris was sitting inside the shuttle (which he mistook as his trailer) taking his usual yosi break when he felt the ground shaking.
He was accidentally zoomed into the skies with Gerard.

When Gerard's space shuttle landed safely on the ground, the emo-vengeful Crisostomo Ibarra is now the simple, laid-back and down-to-earth Joel Torre. Joel has the same birthday as Jose Rizal. His real name is Joel Rizalino Torre. He was thankful he played Rizal in a feature film.
Gerard now wants to grow a beard!

Joel told Gerard to watch his latest international indie film Amigo, written and directed by John Sayles. He also invited Gerard to try out his restaurant JT's Manukan.

Special thanks to RJ Roque.

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