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Incubus Live in Manila

"If not now, when?" Gerard said this to a robo friend who asked if he's going to watch the concert of the famous rockband Incubus here in Manila. It's the third time of the band to perform in the country, and Gerard can't think of any reason not to watch them. He immediately bought a ticket as soon as he saw posters of the band's concert, and marked the date July 28, 2011 on his digital planner.

The day of the concert came and Gerard was really excited about it. Before leaving his house, he finished a bottle of Space Redbull with petroleum to keep his energy level high throughout the night. Gerard arrived at the Araneta Coliseum around 6pm (see how excited he was!) and headed straight to his seat in the Upper A section. He got a nice view of the stage. The concert was sold-out. The place was packed with all types of human Gerard could imagine. It was the first time he heard loud squeals of fangirls...and fanboys. Gerard ended up squealing, too, when he saw Incubus on stage!

View of the stage from Gerard's seat.
Hello, Brandon!
Mike, howyoudoin'?
Wuzzup, Ben?
 DJ Kilmore, I like your dreads!
Jose, 'sup brotha?

"I hear you on the radio..."

"Know that everything moves in circles"


Wish You Were Here
Pardon Me
Anna Molly
Love Hurts
Look Alive
Promises, Promises
The Warmth
Sick Sad Little World
Talk Shows on Mute
A Crow Left of the Murder
I Miss You (Gerard's metal underwear dropped when Brandon Boyd sang this!)
In the Company of Wolved
Nice to Know You

Watch this video of Gerard at the concert. The crowd was insane!!

So High School 2.0

Do you remember Gerard's task of finding the other 5 members of the group Tuke? After 3 months, on 2 different occasions, he finally met Itche and Lyn. 

Hazel Bandojo
Everybody was surprised to see Itche again at a friend's birthday party. She is as skinny as a matchstick, but still full of life and got lots of chika. She is one responsible daughter. She is now a mother of 2 wonderful kids (one is NiMu's godchild). She forced Gerard to drink beer that night.

Lyn Mariano
If some women embody an ideal Filipina like Maria Clara, Lyn, on the other hand, embodies Sisa. Nope...Lyn is not a lunatic. She is fun, fearless, and, yes, CRAZY! She's the kind of person that when she tells you a joke, her laughter is funnier than the actual joke itself. She is a loving daughter, tita and friend. She now works as a IT Consultant. She wants to try belly dancing (emphasis on the "belly").

Gerard's Tuke checklist:


During Gerard's journey of finding the remaining members, he met Tuke's subgroup.

Ceres Balbastro
Ceres is one big girl, guy and everything in between. She was the MVP of the basketball team back in junior year, and cried when she/he was appointed referee of the basketball league in senior year. Ceres knows how to create a basketball play, manage a team and lead them to the top. But she/he can't control the play of alcohol. Hahaha!

Kim Bayona
Kim is tall, tan and pretty. She loves to party. She lives in a condo with her cute dog Truffles. Kim said there's nothing happier than spending a night with high school friends. She introduced Gerard to Jack and Daniel, and since then 3 became good friends. 

Dewi Valientes
Dewi is as wicked as a villain. She knows how to fight and she's good at it. The mere raising of Dewi's right eyebrow instantly shuffled Gerard and jumped with fright! At first, Dewi didn't want to take a picture with Gerard because it was just a waste of time, she just shrugged and ignored him. But Gerard's smile instantly melted her heart. That smirk reminds Gerard that Dewi is a good girl after all.

So High School

Quezon Memorial

Clear skies and light, cool breeze -- "A beautiful Sunday morning," Gerard thought. "Perfect weather for a stroll in the park." Just when he started to wonder if there is a park within the city, Nimu asked him go with her to Quezon City Memorial Circle.

As they entered QC Circle, Gerard was greeted by food stalls, bargain shops, and a tall triad obelisk* that stands at the center of the park. The obelisk is called Quezon Memorial. Gerard found himself bending his neck-spring backward to almost 180 degrees as he looked up at the obelisk. He noticed that, at the top of the obelisk, there are 3 vertical pylons and 3 sculptures of mourning angel holding sampaguita wreaths. Inside the memorial is a musuem where the tombs of Manuel L. Quezon and his wife are located.

It was said that Quezon Memorial was meant to be the tallest structure in the city when it was built, with a height of 66 meters—a very fitting tribute to the country's former president. But through the years, more and more taller structures were built throughout the city.

Gerard didn't waste his chance and asked NiMu to take a snapshot of him with this historical structure.

*There's also an obelisk at Robo Planet. Their obelisk, called The Collision, was built to keep comets, asteroids and meteor from hitting their planet.

Coco and Conan O'Brien

Gerard still couldn't believe it!
His metal jaw dropped when he saw his
long lost cousin, Coco, doing some Robo-dancing on TV...
with Conan-freakin'-O'Brien! 

This is Coco. He's thin and has an orange beard.
His blue-colored frame looks good on TV.

This was episode June 7, 2011.

The real Coco was impressed. He did the Robo-dance, too!

Even though he gets along well with Coco, Gerard secretly wishes that he was the one who experienced 15 minutes of fame with Conan O'Brien. He imagined himself doing the Robo-dance with him, and even rubbing his metallic elbows with his celebrity guests. But then again, there's always "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", "Late Show with David Letterman", "Jimmy Kimmel Live", or as he thought about it... maybe he'd be better off doing the "dougie dance" with Ellen DeGeneres.

Special thanks to Lois Albacite and Dianne Pineda.

Second Dancing Video

With a lot of practice and determination, Gerard presents his dancing video.
(1517 - The Whitest Boy Alive)

Gerard also uploaded this video on YouTube. Watch it here!

Special thanks to Ayi Muallam, Caloy Conde, Riverbanks' Artikel saleslady, iMovie, Steve Jobs, Canon Powershot, inventor of Canon, Eden Baysic, Eric Salta, Wilver Alquino, Media Resource Plaza, Modesta Village, The Whitest Boys Alive (holler!!!), Jona Atienza & Karen Odcena (for letting Gerard upload this video on YouTube), and I.T. guy for not blocking YouTube.

Writer's Music

NiMu was invited by her friend Eric Nicole Salta to the launch party of a new magazine called Maven. Gerard wanted to go, too, but NiMu hesitated to bring him along because he acts like a pesky child, running around the place and getting lost in the crowd. Gerard promised that he will be a good robot and will just stay inside her bag the whole evening.

Maven was launched at Opus in Resort World. Nimu thought the place was great. Gerard especially liked the zebra-printed couch.

Eric is the managing editor of Maven. As editor, he keeps track of the production schedule, makes sure all articles and layouts beat the deadline, handles the nerve-wracking budget, oversees shoots and reads the magazine from cover to cover. Gerard's head screws tightened when he heard Eric's numerous tasks and got really curious on how he 'loosens up'. Eric gave his top 3 stress busters: tennis, travel and music (candy pop, Miley Cyrus, alternative, art-rock, electronic). His guilty pleasure: Kpop (proof: the hairstyle). Eric told Gerard that he also liked the zebra-printed couch!

Tom Wagan is Eric's friend since high school. Gerard asked Tom, who works for a computer software company, if it would be possible to place a microchip on his back. Tom warned him that this will be a risky move and suggested to implant a wi-fi router instead. Gerard said he'll consider the idea.

Gerard kept his promised and just stayed by Nimu's side. Good thing Bevs, Reggie
were also there that night to support their friend Eric.

But Gerard can't help but to jump out of NiMu's bag and gave a holler
to his buddies James Reid and Ivan Dorschner.

Maven had a very successful launch. Nimu, Bevs, Reggie, and Tom are so proud of Eric. 'Til the next party (in the U.S.A.)!

To: David Bowie

Gerard explored saGuijo (obviously, this is his new happy place) last July 8 to watch David Bowie tribute night titled "Space Oddity". Anything that has the word "space" makes Gerard's metal tummy rumble with excitement. So even though it rained cats, dogs, elephants, and hippos, he braved the traffic-choked streets of Makati to see Hilera, The Purplechickens, The Strangeness, Blue Jean Junkies, and, of course, Ely Buendia and the Diamond Dogs.

Gerard made new friends:

Nan Santa Maria. He's an editor of a youth culture magazine
about the future called Status Magazine.
Gerard: Since this Bowie night, what's your favorite David Bowie song?
Nan: Not a big Bowie fan, but one song of his that I like is "Rebel Rebel"—coz I love my bands when they're playing hard! 

Neil of The ButcherCons. He asked about Gerard's favorite David Bowie.
"Underpressure" is Gerard's favorite song. He likes the collaboration
of Bowie and Queen. Neil likes the song, too! 
(see Neil and Gerard's other photo here)

Mike Benedicto (Outerhope) and Jo Aguilar. Mike was there
to support her sister and fellow Outerhope-r Micaela Benedicto,
who was the keyboardist for The Diamond Dogs.

Nino Mendoza and Miggy Matute of Blue Jean Junkies.

Nino: Did you like it?
Gerard: Yup I like it! It was entertaining! Miggy, what's your favorite David Bowie song?
Miggy: I'm sorry but it's impossible for me to choose one favorite Bowie song! I must have at least 10-20 favorites!
Gerard: Whoa!!!

Mikey Amistoso (Cuidad, Hannah+Gabi, Blast Ople)
Gerard: What's your favorite David Bowie song?
Mikey: I don't know any. I was here to primarily to support some friends. But I like Mates of State's version of "Starman".

The main act: Ely Buendia and The Diamond Dogs. Ely Buendia (Pupil) on lead vocals, Nitoy Adriano (The Jerks) on guitars, Wendell Garcia (Pupil) on drums, Jesse Grinter (Gaijin) on guitars, Micaela Benedicto (Outerhope) on keyboards, and Mayo Baluyut (Revenge Avenger) on bass [not in photo]. Sorry if Gerard wasn't in the photo. He was at the bar ordering beer.

Fun, fun, night!

Dear David Bowie,

Let's dance to the song they're playing on the radio.
You love the bands when the'ye playing hard.
You feel a wreck without little your china girl.
You've been shot in the head...
It's not your brain, it's just the flame...that burns your change to keep you insane.
Don't forget to take your pills and put helmet on.
There's a starman waiting in the sky, he'd like to come and meet us.
The diamond dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees.
We can beat them forever and ever.
This will be a rock n roll suicide.

Your fan,

Ely Buendia and The Diamond Dogs photo by Beverly Dalton.


Gerard was comfortably sitting on his bed while watching Naruto on an electronic picture tube device called "television". He just started watching the first episodes of Naruto a few weeks ago... and he was instantly hooked. Like Gerard, Naruto is a little man with big dreams. Naruto wants to become a hokage of Konoha-gakure. 

Gerard went to a toy store and came across a life-size Naruto action figure. And just like any other fan, he did a "pa-kodak" moment with Naruto. Simple joys!

Screaming for Ice Cream

"Why do people eat ice cream?" Gerard asked Nimu this question when they went to a McDonald's store a week ago. Nimu, together with her officemates, walked into the store with big smiles on their faces and ordered Hot Fudge Sundaes. "Because ice cream makes EVERYTHING better!" Stephanie Asi answered while eating her sundae beamingly.

"Ice cream makes you feel good and you don't have to put any effort in eating it...there's no chewing involved! And when you feel so down in the dumpster, a scoop of this cold and creamy food will make you feel relaxed and happy about yourself. It's a feeling I can't really explain, hahaha! I always eat ice cream after eating my lunch, during merienda, or even before I enter a movie house." Steph explained to Gerard (other than red velvet cupcakes).

Gerard NEVER ate an ice cream it was his first time to try this cold food. He got an ice cream spoon, scooped a small amount of vanilla flavored ice cream and put it into his mouth. He felt the cold melted cream slide down his metal tummy. His "feel-good" metal receptors went bonkers immediately and he felt happy!

(spot Gerard)

After the ice cream eating session and still feeling hyper, Steph gave a high-five to Ronald McDonald (while Gerard did some push-ups on Ronald's biceps). 

'Til our next ice cream break, Steph!