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So High School

Gerard wishes he can board a space time capsule and go back a million lightyears to the past, when he was still in high school. It was then when he learned and experienced tons about being an awkward teenager—popping rusty metal zits every morning, daydreaming about his first crush, and attending a robo-prom. But most of all, high school was a place where he met a group of friends. They weren't very popular, but together, they formed an exclusive clique called "The Metalloids." But he hates his photo in their high school yearbook.

A pokerfaced teenage Gerard. He was a member of the soccer varsity.
Max, D.G. Zoom and Zoid were his seatmates.
They're all friends in Spacebook (their version of Facebook—but more interactive).

Gerard met his owner's high school barkada. They even named their group Tuke (too-ke). It's like a short term for Year 2000 or something. Weird name. Good, unusual, weird name. Gerard was touched knowing until now they all still keep in touch. Gerard never heard a group of very beautiful girls saying "Dude!!" "Shet ka!" "Asan si Lyntot?" "!@#@^ mo!!" in a most ghetto way possible! Tuke has certainly stood the testament of time. 

Marcel Ladra
Marcel owns a MiniStop franchise. She thought Gerard was a fried chicken.
Poor robot! So as a peace offering, she gave him a lifetime supply of
Dark Chocolate ice cream. Sweet!

Karen Anne Salvador
Gerard's thought bubble: "I think I wanna marry you..."
So he bought a ring, proposed...

...and she said YES!!!!
Not to Gerard, but to Archie Tengson. Congratulations!
Gerard will attend their wedding.

JM Hipolito (JM stands for...nevermind...)
Beauty and Brains rolled into one like a Kinemaki (a sushi dish in Robo Planet).
                                        Gerard: I think I wanna marry you too....
                                        JM: Sorry, but I prefer peanuts! *wink*
                                        Gerard: Huh? Why?
                                        JM: Everything deserves a WHY
                                        awkward silence...
                                        JM: Do you have a cigarette?
                                        ---end of conversation---

Miki Bacho
When Gerard first saw Miki, his mechanical body slightly short-circuited that someone needed to push his emergency button to immediately stop his uncontrollable swings and operating system. It was love at first sight. Just like in high school—seeing his robo-girl crush in the school cafeteria.
He described Miki in one word: BEAUTIFUL.
Gerard proposed for the third time. Miki said "Strict ang parents ko eh..."
But she'll think about it again.

Kriska Sonia Santos
High school Salutatorian. Pretty. General Manager.
Funny. Ms.United Nations 2001. Creative.
Driver and sweet lover. Over achiever.
Gerard told her she has everything, except for a C-cup.

Before the night ended, these five girls challenged Gerard to find the other members of Tuke. If he overcomes the task, he will part of the group. Here's the list:


  1. awwwwwwwwwww..... gago ka C cup ka dyan.... sa next na kita natin naka la senza double D bra na ako! hahahaha!

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  2. @ Kai C cup sa tyan nalang hahahaha

  3. thanks guys! Kai you must, you must, you must increase your bust!

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