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Gerard and Ramon

How did Gerard know about Ramon Bautista? Answer: YouTube.

Gerard once dreamed of becoming a world famous magician. He wanted to learn tricks like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, staying alive even after being poked by daggers, disappearing acts and street magic. But the problem was that he couldn't find a magician in his planet. ZERO. No magic school. No "Abrakadabra". No Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort. So he searched through the World Wide Web and saw "Dan Michael". Since then, he wanted to be like Dan Michael, he wanted to be RAMON BAUTISTA.

To Gerard, Ramon Bautista is THE ONE— fame, wit, sense of humor and sex appeal (okay… that's sounds gay). That's why he was crazy happy when he saw Ramon on a random Thursday night in Makati. 

A few moments ago, Gerard was ready to give up on my dreams of becoming an Internet star. He couldn't possibly compete against those good-looking bimbo dudes with rock hard abs and killer whitened smiles, or those talented underaged youtube sensations that get discovered by Ellen De Generis. So, just when my plastic-plated foot was about to take a step closer to a deep cliff---an inspiration in the form of a tweet from my idol Ramon Bautista. He said:

@ramonbautista: "hey gerard! always remember, you are not a robot, you are the embodiment of youth, friendship, and a life of rock and roll. despite your plastic arms, you are a strong inspiration to the youth, and do not let everyone tell you otherwise."

See you around, Ramon. Itsalottafan!!

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