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Random Thursday

The weather was really hot most of the time, yet Gerard was lucky to catch a warm and sunny morning. He decided to visit a rooftop of a random building. Gerard could hear sound of cars and tricycles ran up the road below. He was still contemplating on how to be famous, and if Optimus Prime have already received his fan letter.

At the other end of the rooftop he noticed a guy (with no expression on his face) was smoking a cigarette.

Wilver is an art director. He loves adventures too. He recently went to Boracay. He told Gerard to go there for some "reflective moments". Gerard mentioned that he's never really been to the beach.


Gerard secret revealed: Gerard is afraid of too much sun exposure. His neon green arms will turn moss green, while his bright red legs will turn deep scarlet like this...

Solution: Mechanical Sunblock with SPF300 +Wax moisturizer.
But he's clueless where to get it! Help him find one PLEASE!!!!

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