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Random Wednesday

On his way to the store 'round the corner to buy more Nips, Gerard was pondering on how he can be famous like all the other robot-celebs out there. 

Gerard's thought bubble: What do they have that I don't? Is it because of the ability of the Transformers to become vehicles? I'd be freaked out the car I'm driving suddenly turns upright and speak! Or is it because of R2D2's cool voice? Any random robot can do that! Then there's Metro Man... sheesh. Even the name sounds too corny. His looks remind me of Johnny Bravo!  

A few moments later...

Gerard: Could that be..... Metro Man? I was just thinking how... er... cool you are! You're so…. white!
Metro Man: Hey there, Gerard! I read your blog, it's cool. But I'm not here to be in your blog.
Gerard: Okay, that sounded a little weird. Nice car by the way.
Metro Man: I'm a little rusty too. Megamind and I've been waiting for a villain to threaten Metro City. It's been a week!  I was thinking if you could help me lose weight. Teach me your dance moves.

Gerard: Umm..sure. Just raise both elbows like this…and swing your arms left to right...
Metro Man: [imitates Gerard]

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