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Philippine Volcanoes Ready to Erupt!

Yup, the Philippines has a national rugby team! Better known as the Philippine Volcanoes, this team of half-breeds will represent the country in the international rugby union and will be competing for the Shanghai Sevens Rugby Tournament.

Just like any athlete, these young heroes aim to bring home honor and glory to the country. But before their much awaited tournament, the Volcanoes became the hottest topic among netizens and commuters because of their traffic-stopping billboards! Even Gerard admired their sculpted physique. H-O-T! (Mmmkay, that was so wrong and gay.)

Gerard was lucky to meet the some of the Volcanoes:
Jake Letts
Position: Scrum half

Jake's playing rugby since he was 6 years old. Yeah, he's REALLY good at it. It was Gerard's first time to touch a rugby ball. The oval-shaped ball is easy to throw and catch.

 Chris Hitch, Postion: Flanker
Rupert Zappia, Position: Center 

Rupert, nicknamed "Uncle Scoops", even had a dance showdown with Gerard! Uncle Scoops challenged Gerard to dance on top of his cap. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

Oliver Saunders
Position: Fly-half

John Odulio, Position: Prop Forward
Mark Chatting

Look at these guys over here with Gerard!
Justin Coveney, Position: Center
Chris Everingham, Position: Hooker
Kenny Stern, Position: Wing

Gerard felt uneasy and insecure with these guys.
AND WHY ARE THEY TOPLESS?? The Philippine Volcanoes just finished
a new campaign for a local sponsor. They can't wait to show it to their fans! 

Behind those big, brawny and serious faces, most of them were surprisingly funny, accommodating and very down to earth. Chris and Oliver even asked for Gerard's (and Nimu's of course! haha!) twitter accounts first! Justin is very funny and smart, too! He looks like Mr. Incredible. These guys don't really take offense when others say they are not real Filipinos. We can't take away the fact that they have Filipino blood running through them and they are proud of it!

Let's all support The Philippine Rubgy team! For the win!!

Special thanks to Beverly Dalton.


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