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Cubao X

Gerard doesn't have an idea where Cubao is. According to his research, Cubao is a haven for petty thieves, a place with a number of adult movie theaters and rows of night clubs. He also learned that the very first Jollibee branch was established along Aurora Boulevard.

Just recently, Gerard also found out that Cubao is home for artists and art enthusiasts alike.
Cubao X (formerly known as Cubao Expo and, nope, it's not an adult movie house) is a compound of small two-storey establishments with everything and anything related to art and creativity. Gerard dropped by during day time, so most of the shops were closed. "The place looks like a ghost town," he thought. All stores opens at night time, though. Nevertheless, Gerard still wandered around the horseshoe-shaped compound.

He visited some stores and found shelves full of old magazines, graphic novels, vintage typewriters and cameras, random trinkets, unique clothes, shoes and accessories, and antique furniture sold at reasonable prices. Gerard was pleasantly surprised to find old original vinyl records of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. He even saw vintage robots in one of the stores. "They're probably a gazillion lightyears old!" he said. Some stores host art exhibits while others serve italian food, burgers, and, most importantly, beer!

Gerard loved hanging out in Cubao X and is thinking of dropping by again soon. But this time, he'll definitely bring his friends along and put on his best "hipster" look.

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