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Gerard, the Planker

Planking is a game or activity of lying face down stiff as a board with arms to the sides in unusual or unique places.

It is blowing up the news and internet today, and Gerard thinks "planking" is funny (and...err...the most stupid thing he ever heard of) and wanted to try some himself. But instead of placing his arms to the side the way "plankers" used to do it, he put his fists in front of his chest because he has no joints hahaha!

Note: No robots, humans and animals were harmed in the making of these planking photos.

on top of a pipeline

on top of a side mirror (this was really dangerous!)

on top of a coffee cup

There ya go! Gerard's planking photos! He felt nothing special afterward, and his foot also dipped into the coffee cup, slightly burning his metal toes. Yikes! So just a Gerard Reminder: Safety First!


  1. How about planking on a bottle of beer? Or vodka?

  2. That's a nice idea! hmm, so i guess there'll be a Gerard, the Planker Series 2!

  3. Yeah! Planking on alcohol! Hihihihi