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Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

When Gerard met Kathryn Bernardo a few months ago, he knew he had to meet her again. Kathryn is humble, sweet, and really really friendly. So despite the hullabaloo with the rain and stuff, Gerard (along with Nimu and the entire magazine crew), trooped to Kath's magazine photo shoot with her loveteam, Daniel Padilla.

Hmmm, another handsome son-of-a-Padilla. Daniel, just like any other teenage boy out there (well, he's not that "average." Daniel is a worldwide trending topic on Twitter and a platinum recording artist.... whatuuuuup!) is funny, makulit and was very much game to do whatever crazy things he was asked to do, like a popcorn fight with Kathryn and a Dougie dance battle with Gerard. :)
G just got eyebrowed by DJ. Who's cuter? Daniel or Gerard? To vote, text GoGerard (answer) to 2232. Kidding!! :)

Take 2 photo :) Gerard wants to teamup with Kathryn, too. So Gerard came up with a few hypothetical loveteam name ideas: KathGe, KathArd, GerKath, GerRyn. GerNiel (Waaah!) To vote, text GoGerard (answer) to 2333. Hahaha!

Kathryn and Daniel aka KathNiel to their fans, gamely showing their cuteness!