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Flower Shower!!!!

Gerard captured this beautiful photo of Karen and Archie's dreamy and romantic wedding last December 18. Gerard's metal jaw dropped when he saw Karen in her wedding dress. She was stunning. Archie, you're a lucky bastard! :)

Gerard got a bit teary eyed because Karen and Archie have reminded us all what it means to genuinely loved and be loved. Gerard wishes that he finds his true love in this lifetime, like they did! Awwwwwww...

Of course, the wedding was even more beautiful, thanks to Karen's entourage and high school friends!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Tengson!

Dear Ping Medina


We need to talk, man to robot.

You have to stop. See, I'm just a typical robot. And when I say "typical robot," it means that I'm an attractive, cool, and (insert a remarkable characteristic) robot. And why am I here on Earth? To find myself a girl. All the girls that I met before like YOU. Adore YOU. And the guys want to be as cool as YOU. The longer you continue to be Ping Medina, the harder it is to get me a girl.

For my own sanity, I made a list of ways in which you can stop being Ping Medina.

1. Stop being so attractive. Look at you. You're like Gael Garcia Bernal. You're really, really, good-looking. You can pull-off a bad haircut, plain shirt, jeans, and dirty 5-year-old Chuck Taylors. And why is that a problem? I've been spent the entire week mimicking your style and signature poker face, but I look like a beaten up Optimus Prime. Sheeesh!

2. Stop being a great actor. You are the Prince of Philippine Independent Movies. You played a guitarist, the brother of a gay kid, and portrayed 20 different roles in all 20 films for Imahenasyon. Dude, you're like a crazy awesome actor. And you have Pen Medina's "acting blood" running through your veins. You do movies because you like to tell great stories and explore emotions. Asiong Salonga? Damn, even I want to see it!

3. Stop being a multifaceted person. You're an actor, musician, and a businessman. I went to PenPen last night. I ordered a Smoked Cheese Dynamita. It was the best creation on this planet. 

In conclusion, just stop it. Stop being Ping Medina. I'm thankful that you exist, really. But I need my sanity back.

Your long lost brutha,


P.S. This is the main photo that didn't make it. Ping, no matter what you do, you still look cool!

P.P.S. I'm just an insecure robot. DON'T CHANGE.

Coffee with Anielle

At this very moment, Gerard is having coffee with his new coffee buddy, Anielle Santos-Banson.
Anielle is a model, both for print ads and TV commercials. Gerard first saw her one afternoon on TV in a coffee commercial, and she changed the way Gerard thinks of coffee.


"Coffee tastes better with cream!" Gerard says.


"Sorry. It's my first time to taste something like this. Mmmmm.."




And Anielle got Gerard at "ehem".


It's not easy to blog about Michelle Callanta-Taledo. Gerard's metal screws melted thinking of what to write about her, given the fact that Michelle is a writer -- a REALLY REALLY good writer. She's the Associate Editor for a tech magazine. She has a blog that reeks of her sheer INTELLIGENCE. She lives and breathes words. She's in-love with words and wants to have babies with them. She's so smart she could replace Wikipedia. And, should Gerard write one wrong word about her, Michelle's pose of sisters will probably kick his metal ass outta here.

Good thing Gerard (on stalker mode) found a beautiful piece about Michelle on her own blog.

"She is a formidable woman. The sweet-sexy ornament of the Humanities building. The male species look at her with vicious eyes and ensnaring thoughts. She is a Queen. She is the RED QUEEN. Always near on top but never at the top of any gambler's game that I know. She walks her walk; talks her talk. Smiles like an innocent but tempting and oozing with the eloquence of a learned. Be DAZZLED. Stick your jaw to the ground and let that saliva make its way to moisten the floor. But she never slips... Long have you seen her. The glasses deceive the fool. The tongue peppers the soul. The dress betrays the body. If you think that's her... it isn't. All is a sick cycle of prejudice, morality, aesthetics, education, and liberality. So many holes for reconsideration, reconstruction and reorganization of a closed mind. The brain is capsulated by the cranium. But the psyche roams uncharted."

WORD! GOD! *fireworks* *champagne showers* Gerard just loves this description. EVERY. F*CKING. WORD. What Gerard loves about Michelle is that she knows and loves herself, and she can do whatever the hell she wants. But, f*ck it, Gerard wants it be simple as possible. Yeah yeah this statement is dripping with cheese and shizz, but behind those glasses and disarming smile, Michelle is one heck of woman. And Gerard is lost for words. Damn you, Michelle!

The Red Whistle

Gerard loves and lives by the numbers. But he was SHOCKED to discover the recent statistics of the HIV and AIDS epidemic here in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine National AIDS Council:

8 new cases are reported everyday

8 out 10 are tested positive for HIV

An estimated 8,700 people (and counting!!) are living with HIV

936 AIDS cases since the outbreak

In the Philippines, 15-24 year-olds are most susceptible to the risks of HIV

We now have a 56% increase since 2010

in 3 years 30,000 Filipinos will be living with HIV

These numbers are crazy. This IS a serious matter, guys! And Gerard wants to challenge these numbers. 

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being in a room with people who are out to change the world.

Gerard, Nimu, Kriska, JM and her girlfriend Lee were able to participate in The Project Headshot Clinic, particularly their run for the The Red Whistle. The Red Whistle is a great initiative that concentrates on issues surrounding the increasing cases of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines. According to their site, lack of awareness about the risks brought on by AIDS and HIV is one of the main drivers of the increase in cases. As a response to this, The Red Whistle was formed, and came up with three objectives:

1. raise awareness on the situation to encourage community action;
2. deliver safer sex messages designed to reach communities affected by the epidemic
3. help facilitate access or referral to HIV services, including HIV testing, treatment, and support services. 

The idea of the Project Headshot Clinic is using peoples' photos as promotional materials for initiatives such as The Red Whistle. They were able to sign up as participants for the project, and had their headshot taken by one of the most prominent photographers in the country today, Niccolo Cosme. Gerard loves his mohawk hair, by the way.

Nimu, Kriska, JM, and Lee's headshots

It was a very wonderful experience in so many levels. Apart from it being really inexplicably fun, Gerard, in one way or another, was able to take part in an effort to make the country a better place to be in. Such a win-win! :)

It's time to blow the whistle!

Knowledge is the best prevention. Check out these sites:

in slow mo

12:00 midnight - Now it’s time, Gerard and I can stop and think long enough to pull the exact, best words out of our recessed mind

(I know this will sound a little cheezy... just let me pull this out..)

i n  S L O W  
                                         M O T I O N
                                              B y:  J a k e

Your enthusiasm for life inspires me utterly, been nothing but blessed with such sweet company

With every time I see that smile, outshining all the smiles a day could ever bring

With all the laughter shared, more than the joy these carefree hearts could ever hold

Surroundings shifting slower and slower, tainted lights growing brighter and brighter

In this very moment I realize all are moving in slow motion together

Indeed you look beautiful at this young age, as anyone could honestly say

Do know for me, you look beautiful anyday and everyday

As I look at you, I can't help but sigh, I know my eyes just couldn’t seem to lie

This isn’t just a day that comes and hurries by

Cause together we’ll be moving freely in this slow background, You and I

Happy Birthday!!!

Jake: hey little robot, thanks for helping me out!

Gerard: no problemo, just for nemo (nimu)! (fist bump!)