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in slow mo

12:00 midnight - Now it’s time, Gerard and I can stop and think long enough to pull the exact, best words out of our recessed mind

(I know this will sound a little cheezy... just let me pull this out..)

i n  S L O W  
                                         M O T I O N
                                              B y:  J a k e

Your enthusiasm for life inspires me utterly, been nothing but blessed with such sweet company

With every time I see that smile, outshining all the smiles a day could ever bring

With all the laughter shared, more than the joy these carefree hearts could ever hold

Surroundings shifting slower and slower, tainted lights growing brighter and brighter

In this very moment I realize all are moving in slow motion together

Indeed you look beautiful at this young age, as anyone could honestly say

Do know for me, you look beautiful anyday and everyday

As I look at you, I can't help but sigh, I know my eyes just couldn’t seem to lie

This isn’t just a day that comes and hurries by

Cause together we’ll be moving freely in this slow background, You and I

Happy Birthday!!!

Jake: hey little robot, thanks for helping me out!

Gerard: no problemo, just for nemo (nimu)! (fist bump!)

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