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It's not easy to blog about Michelle Callanta-Taledo. Gerard's metal screws melted thinking of what to write about her, given the fact that Michelle is a writer -- a REALLY REALLY good writer. She's the Associate Editor for a tech magazine. She has a blog that reeks of her sheer INTELLIGENCE. She lives and breathes words. She's in-love with words and wants to have babies with them. She's so smart she could replace Wikipedia. And, should Gerard write one wrong word about her, Michelle's pose of sisters will probably kick his metal ass outta here.

Good thing Gerard (on stalker mode) found a beautiful piece about Michelle on her own blog.

"She is a formidable woman. The sweet-sexy ornament of the Humanities building. The male species look at her with vicious eyes and ensnaring thoughts. She is a Queen. She is the RED QUEEN. Always near on top but never at the top of any gambler's game that I know. She walks her walk; talks her talk. Smiles like an innocent but tempting and oozing with the eloquence of a learned. Be DAZZLED. Stick your jaw to the ground and let that saliva make its way to moisten the floor. But she never slips... Long have you seen her. The glasses deceive the fool. The tongue peppers the soul. The dress betrays the body. If you think that's her... it isn't. All is a sick cycle of prejudice, morality, aesthetics, education, and liberality. So many holes for reconsideration, reconstruction and reorganization of a closed mind. The brain is capsulated by the cranium. But the psyche roams uncharted."

WORD! GOD! *fireworks* *champagne showers* Gerard just loves this description. EVERY. F*CKING. WORD. What Gerard loves about Michelle is that she knows and loves herself, and she can do whatever the hell she wants. But, f*ck it, Gerard wants it be simple as possible. Yeah yeah this statement is dripping with cheese and shizz, but behind those glasses and disarming smile, Michelle is one heck of woman. And Gerard is lost for words. Damn you, Michelle!

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