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Gettin' that Machete Body

Gerard patted himself on the back when he lost that 0.5 lb with all that running and ball kicking with the Azkals. More determined to take his new healthy lifestyle to the next level, he's now exploring the world of DIETING

Gerard also was inspired when he saw a local TV show Machete. Not only does he dream of becoming a human-like Machete (Machete's the statue that becomes alive at night... is he a vampire or something?), he wants to have rock-hard abs. Good thing his owner, NiMu, tagged him along to an event to meet Machete... errr... Aljur Abrenica.

Gerard asked Aljur's secret so he, too, can achieve a Machete body.

                         Gerard: Aljur what's your secret? I want abs too.
                         Aljur: Umm... ano... self-discipline, gym at diet.

This time, Gerard showed him his inner showbiz reporting skills..

                         Gerard: Okay. I heard you're in the movie Temptation Island.
                         How does it feel that you're with Marian, Heart, Solenn
                         and other sexy girls?
                         Aljur: Ummm... ano... tempting.
                         Gerard: ...
                         Aljur: ...
                         Gerard: I'm hungry. What can I eat for dinner?
                         Aljur: Century Tuna Hotdog
                         Gerard: ....

Their simple conversation ended well. Gerard thanked him for his simple diet advice. He felt his tummy rumbling and gurgling, and slushing with oil. He rushed to the nearest grocery and bought a pack of Century Tuna Hotdog. He hopes the hotdog will give him abs like Aljur's.

Even robots enjoy eating hotdogs.

Special thanks to Mikke Gallardo.

Gerard Younghusband

Gerard would usually wake up early and jump out of his re-charger "bed." But today, the moment his feet touched the floor, he heard a loud plunk! ka-thunk!  So, he checked his weight. To his horror, his weight doubled in 2 months!...from 0.5 lb., he became 1lb. He noticed his usual toned plastic arms have become unhinged, while his steel-hard abs seemed to have a little bulge. The high tech weighing scale read: FATSO ALERT, with a voice machine saying: "It's time to lose weight, mister!"

So Gerard took Dyan Castillejo's advice, drank a shot of wheatgrass juice, slipped on his running shoes, and braved the soccer field! There is no doubt that football suddenly became popular in the country, perhaps because of the Azkals who are incredibly good [looking] on the field.

Their victories attracted a bunch of fans, mostly teenage girls. Gerard daydreamed about playing football, wearing white shorts while several fangirls screamed his name, and one of whom could be his robo dream girl.

Excited, Gerard enrolled at the one-day football clinic of The Younghusband Football Academy. Not only will he be fit and healthy, he also wanted to kick and knock the ball with his plastic legs, over to one guy and knock it again for the goal. With girl fans screaming, of course.

And since Gerard's in TYFA, guess who's gonna train him?.... none other than Philippine Azkals players and brothers James and Phil Younghusband!

Spot the very over-exposed Gerard with the other kids on a training session versus James and Phil. Gerard was wearing a white see-through shirt. The Younghusbands both have quick and strong legs. Gerard can't keep up with all the running and ball kicking. So he promised himself never to eat Big Mac Battery and space fries again.

After the game, he felt 0.5 lbs lighter. Even though James and Phil were tired and sweaty, they still look great! Gerard had a lot of fun. He wants to be a Younghusband too. With the fresh-out-of-game hair, red blush and all.

Gerard Younghusband, their brotha' from anotha' mutha'.

Interview With the Owner

Gerard and his owner, NiMu, was featured in Instax Manila. Gerard was very happy and excited about this interview. He jumped for joy and he danced like crazy when this came out.

Visit Instax Manila to read the interview.

Good Luck Chucks

"5 more to go..."

Luke Landrigan is one Son of a Beach

Summer is ending soon. What's the perfect way to end Gerard's last summer hurrah? SURFING! But the problem was that Gerard doesn't know how to surf...he doesn't know how to paddle...he's scared that maybe a shark will attack and bite his red plastic legs if he swims out too far in the ocean.

Good thing Gerard bumped into Luke Landrigan at the MYOH event. Luke is a professional surfer and instructor. He earned the Surfing Australia Level 1 Certification for surf instruction, a world-class qualification that permits him to teach surfing anywhere in the world! This dude got a surf school too, the Billabong Surf School in La Union. He's been surfing since the age of 10. No wonder he's got  washboard abs!

Luke and Gerard's conversation went like this:

Luke [in chill surfer lingo]: 'sup bruddah?
Gerard: I wanna hit 'em waves.
L: Cooool. -_-
G: I need your help, man.
L: Right on! Just gimme a call brah!
G: Awesome dude! Kawabonggga!

Gerard wants to surf epic waves..and wants abs too! Luke agreed to teach Gerard...but he's got 3 requirements for Gerard. First: buy board shorts. Second: take a 5-6 hour bus trip to San Juan Surf Resort. And third: to relax, enjoy and relish the surf lifestyle.

Gerard was excited for this summer trip—soon he'll be shaka-ing everyone at the beach, play with Poks and River, and eat chocolates after a long day of surfing.

Gary V.

Gerard met Gary Valenciano at Space Encounters one Wednesday afternoon.

Gerard and Gary talked about a lot of random things: his three kids, ASAP Rocks, up-coming album, concerts, world tours, and what song he would sing next for a teleserye or movie. Of course, dancing robot Gerard challenged him to a supah dance showdown. They danced "Hataw Na", "Shout for Joy", and "Shake it Off". Gerard didn't keep up with Gary's pure energy...and eventually gave up. Still gasping for air, Gerard thought: he won't be called Mr. Pure Energy for nothing!

The Perfect Girl

A week ago, Gerard borrowed NiMu's iPod. After going through all 800+ songs, he chose "Perfect" by True Faith.

"Perfect" was released in 1993...Gerard was still in Robo Planet then...but damn this song is timeless! Gerard loved it so much that the song was on loop, he also searched for the lyrics and watched the music video on YouTube.

The girl was also a perfect choice for the video. Her name is Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez. Gerard was laser-stunned by her beauty.

Gerard wondered what Tweetie looks like today....17 years after the song was released.

Good thing Gerard was invited at the Make Your Own Havaianas 2011 last March 10. The smell of rubber fueled him to create his own flip flops. He was customizing a pair when he spotted Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez at the assembly counter.

Tweetie is even-more-ridiculously-gorgeous-in-person and still stunning after all these years! Gerard blushed when he approached her asked for a picture. She's still an in-demand fashion model and product endorser, and now a jewelry designer. Just like True Faith's song, she is a perfect woman—talented, stylish, and simply beautiful inside and out.

Gerard wants to have a girl just like her. He can't help but sing the chorus of the song to her.

Baby, as I look into your eyes
Ooh, you’re perfect
Judging from the way you make me high
Ooh, it’s worth it

Perfect… it’s everything you are to me
Perfect… and everything I am to you...

Gerard is Gerald Anderson

Gerard bought an all-new digitally restored DVD of Disney's Pinocchio. It was no surprise that he liked the movie. Like any toy, Gerard have once looked up into the night skies and wished upon a star for a chance to become a real, live boy.

But Gerard is not the kind to tell lies, create stories and exaggerate tales like Pinocchio. Instead, he asked his friend and fellow robot Doraemon for a "Pinocchio Watch Device" that can help him transform into a real, live boy for 10 seconds. So one morning, he wore the watch, pressed OK, and then...he felt weird..his arms and legs were numb..his body shivered...he spinned like a tornado...

then POOF....Gerard became human! He slowly looked at the mirror and he couldn't believe his eyes...a very handsome guy was staring back at him...then he realized it was his own reflection! "Oh my gosh! I only have 10 seconds to be like this!", so he took a picture of himself as his proof of being human. "Beat that Pinocchio!"...POOF...he returned from being a toy robot. For 10 seconds, Gerard was the happiest robot of all.

A few months after his transformation, a very normal Gerard was asked to assist in a photo shoot. He fixed the lights, cleaned the studio...trying to be productive. All of a sudden, everyone was speechless, staring at the very handsome boy who walked inside the studio. His name is Gerald Anderson. He's a very famous celebrity.

Gerard was also speechless, staring at the face of this guy. His face was so familiar to Gerard...then he realized...that was the very same face he saw in the mirror! Gerald is Gerard's human counterpart!

Gerard still couldn't believe he was staring at Gerald. He awkwardly approached Gerald for a picture. Gerald smiled and posed with him in front of the camera.

The photo shoot ended well. Gerald thanked everyone for their efforts and left the studio. Even though Gerard didn't tell the story of his human transformation to Gerald, he was happy to meet him. This picture is a proof that, like in the movie Pinocchio, wishes do come true.

Special thanks to RJ Roque.

Baker King and Queen

Gerard has this ridiculous appetite for desserts. He just couldn't resist a box of doughnuts, chocolate cake, and muffins.
2:42 PM, Saturday. Gerard was munching down a cream puff when Rejoice Ondoy sent him a message through Spacebook, inviting him for a Pastry 101. Gerard grabbed his mini toque and Crocs, and ran to Rejoice's kitchen. Rejoice loves to bake cakes, cream puffs and choco eclairs! Not only will Gerard eat as much dessert to his heart's (and belly's) content, he now could bake all day and night.

1:00 PM, Sunday. Finally! After 24 hours without sleep, Gerard and Rejoice made four yummy desserts. Gerard's favorite part: taking pictures of the food!
Cake with Honey and Walnuts

Choco Cheesecake.
Gerard ate half of it before Rejoice took this picture.

Butter Almond Cookies

Coffee Muffins topped with Cornflakes

Gerard's plastic arms were exhausted with all the mixing, measuring and sifting, but it was worth it. His last task: to finish all four desserts. Whoa! Good luck to his belly and the extra calories!

Gerard's Mom

Gerard's mom is Roberta. He calls her Mommy Robbie. She was a service robot for 104 years. She is now 600 million light years old, and still rockin'.

Gerard is so proud of her mom. It was not easy for her to raise him. There were many troubles along the way, but she was strong. Gerard remembered the time when he was bullied by senior robots in school...they put magnets on his back and stuck him onto the fire exit doors. He waited the whole afternoon for someone to rescue him...until his mom rushed to him, and removed the magnets one-by-one. "Don't worry, Gerard, Mommy is here." Her words comforted him, Gerard knew that everything will be okay.

Gerard thanked his mom, for always putting him in place whenever he experience mechanical glitches and system failures. Mommy Robbie is a true woman of steel.

Happy Mother's Day!

Joel Torre as Jose Rizal

When Gerard did some cleaning last weekend, he found several 1-peso coin pushed under his bedroom rug. He picked up a coin and looked at it more closely. The coin is made of copper-zinc-nickel with the face and name Jose Rizal on it. Gerard got curious about Jose Rizal so he decided to aboard his new time travel space shuttle.

He typed JOSE RIZAL on the keyboard. 3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!! ZOOOOOOOM!

It only took a second when Gerard reached his destination: Calamba, Laguna. The street where his space shuttle landed was full of busy people. He noticed that the light posts looked like klieg lights, trailers were parked on the side of the street, and racks with overflowing dresses, hats, and shoes. Gerard was kinda overwhelmed with the situation when he was approached by a man with long hair, beard and blue-tinted glasses.
His name is Crisostomo Ibarra. He has a very strong personality. Gerard got a bit intimidated, but Cris eventually warmed up after few conversations about the Filipino-Spanish revolution. Gerard was talking about his new spaceship accessories when a man from the other end of the street shouted "CUT!"
He woke up from his daze and realized he was on the set of the movie Jose Rizal! Panicking, he dashed to his space shuttle and revved the engine. Meanwhile, Cris was sitting inside the shuttle (which he mistook as his trailer) taking his usual yosi break when he felt the ground shaking.
He was accidentally zoomed into the skies with Gerard.

When Gerard's space shuttle landed safely on the ground, the emo-vengeful Crisostomo Ibarra is now the simple, laid-back and down-to-earth Joel Torre. Joel has the same birthday as Jose Rizal. His real name is Joel Rizalino Torre. He was thankful he played Rizal in a feature film.
Gerard now wants to grow a beard!

Joel told Gerard to watch his latest international indie film Amigo, written and directed by John Sayles. He also invited Gerard to try out his restaurant JT's Manukan.

Special thanks to RJ Roque.

The Photographer's Assistant

Meet Gerard's new buddy, Migs Castro. He is Toto Labrador's assistant, bodyguard, and equipment guardian. Migs is also into triathlon. He encourages Gerard to give the sport a "tri". 

Gerard and Migs have some things in common: music (Dave Matthews Band), same taste in shoes (Adidas Samba), weird tan lines, they tend to talk really fast, and they both have shaved heads. They sometimes spend weekends reading and arguing over whether they should post a comment or not!

Toto Labrador

The Editor-in-Chief of Robo Living Magazine, a lifestyle magazine of Robo Planet, accidentally clicked Gerard's website while browsing through the worldwide web. Gerard instantly got a call from the EIC, saying they wanted him on the cover of the magazine. Could this be the start of Gerard's stardom?

The Robo Living staff booked one of the top photographers in Manila, Toto Labrador. Toto is known for his discerning eye, and his clean, classic style in taking photographs. He is wicked behind the lens. He's got a cute smile, too!

Gerard was so happy that they asked Toto to shoot him because he knows his work and he's really comfortable with him. 

Gerard can't wait for the magazine to come out. The magazine will be out June 2011.

Books and a Bee

Gerard remembered his first time stepping into a bookstore. Every bookstore in Robo Planet smells almost the same—the paper, ink and sometimes a hint of glue. It was a magical experience when he explored a bookstore named "Power Books". He loved the sight and smell of books that were old and those that were "fresh from the press". He wanted to buy a book called Robot Dreams (he happens to like Murakami, too!).
Gerard got lost for hours in the maze of shelves, secret passageways and walls lined with neatly-stacked piles of books! Good thing he met a pink bumblebee, named Wanna. Wanna gave him directions on his way out. Gerard felt something strange that moment... "Is this love-at-first-sight?"...but he realized that he just got stung by a bee.

A Beautiful Tandem

Gerard did some spring cleaning over the weekend. He cleaned and polished his room using heavy duty, fully-automated ultrasonic equipment. He tossed out his broken alarm clock, old boots that don't fit anymore, and a pile of papers and magazine cutouts of Megan Fox. Under his bed, he found a poster of Shaider and Annie. At that moment, memories flashed back to him, when he wished to meet his own sidekick (and love interest) like Annie.

A few months ago, Gerard met Claire and Ricky Diokno, a makeup and hair and husband and wife tandem. They're the real life Shaider and Annie! But this duo don't fight the villain Emperor Kubilai of Fuuma (Shaider's enemies). Using their talent, makeup brushes, and a high-tech hair curler, they transform normal subjects into wickedly beautiful creatures!

Gerard loves Claire and Ricky. They're two of the nicest and down-to-earth peeps out there. Claire is gorgeous—in a huge kind of way :). Ricky advised Gerard to try sporting a platinum blonde-colored hair just like him. 

Maybe Gerard needs a bit of hair makeover, whaddyathink?