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The Perfect Girl

A week ago, Gerard borrowed NiMu's iPod. After going through all 800+ songs, he chose "Perfect" by True Faith.

"Perfect" was released in 1993...Gerard was still in Robo Planet then...but damn this song is timeless! Gerard loved it so much that the song was on loop, he also searched for the lyrics and watched the music video on YouTube.

The girl was also a perfect choice for the video. Her name is Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez. Gerard was laser-stunned by her beauty.

Gerard wondered what Tweetie looks like today....17 years after the song was released.

Good thing Gerard was invited at the Make Your Own Havaianas 2011 last March 10. The smell of rubber fueled him to create his own flip flops. He was customizing a pair when he spotted Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez at the assembly counter.

Tweetie is even-more-ridiculously-gorgeous-in-person and still stunning after all these years! Gerard blushed when he approached her asked for a picture. She's still an in-demand fashion model and product endorser, and now a jewelry designer. Just like True Faith's song, she is a perfect woman—talented, stylish, and simply beautiful inside and out.

Gerard wants to have a girl just like her. He can't help but sing the chorus of the song to her.

Baby, as I look into your eyes
Ooh, you’re perfect
Judging from the way you make me high
Ooh, it’s worth it

Perfect… it’s everything you are to me
Perfect… and everything I am to you...

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  1. Just like Mathis singing on a low down Sunday afternoon! Way to go, Gerard!