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Gerard's Mom

Gerard's mom is Roberta. He calls her Mommy Robbie. She was a service robot for 104 years. She is now 600 million light years old, and still rockin'.

Gerard is so proud of her mom. It was not easy for her to raise him. There were many troubles along the way, but she was strong. Gerard remembered the time when he was bullied by senior robots in school...they put magnets on his back and stuck him onto the fire exit doors. He waited the whole afternoon for someone to rescue him...until his mom rushed to him, and removed the magnets one-by-one. "Don't worry, Gerard, Mommy is here." Her words comforted him, Gerard knew that everything will be okay.

Gerard thanked his mom, for always putting him in place whenever he experience mechanical glitches and system failures. Mommy Robbie is a true woman of steel.

Happy Mother's Day!

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