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Gerard Younghusband

Gerard would usually wake up early and jump out of his re-charger "bed." But today, the moment his feet touched the floor, he heard a loud plunk! ka-thunk!  So, he checked his weight. To his horror, his weight doubled in 2 months!...from 0.5 lb., he became 1lb. He noticed his usual toned plastic arms have become unhinged, while his steel-hard abs seemed to have a little bulge. The high tech weighing scale read: FATSO ALERT, with a voice machine saying: "It's time to lose weight, mister!"

So Gerard took Dyan Castillejo's advice, drank a shot of wheatgrass juice, slipped on his running shoes, and braved the soccer field! There is no doubt that football suddenly became popular in the country, perhaps because of the Azkals who are incredibly good [looking] on the field.

Their victories attracted a bunch of fans, mostly teenage girls. Gerard daydreamed about playing football, wearing white shorts while several fangirls screamed his name, and one of whom could be his robo dream girl.

Excited, Gerard enrolled at the one-day football clinic of The Younghusband Football Academy. Not only will he be fit and healthy, he also wanted to kick and knock the ball with his plastic legs, over to one guy and knock it again for the goal. With girl fans screaming, of course.

And since Gerard's in TYFA, guess who's gonna train him?.... none other than Philippine Azkals players and brothers James and Phil Younghusband!

Spot the very over-exposed Gerard with the other kids on a training session versus James and Phil. Gerard was wearing a white see-through shirt. The Younghusbands both have quick and strong legs. Gerard can't keep up with all the running and ball kicking. So he promised himself never to eat Big Mac Battery and space fries again.

After the game, he felt 0.5 lbs lighter. Even though James and Phil were tired and sweaty, they still look great! Gerard had a lot of fun. He wants to be a Younghusband too. With the fresh-out-of-game hair, red blush and all.

Gerard Younghusband, their brotha' from anotha' mutha'.


  1. heeey! you kinda look like the third YH in the last pic, Gerard :D but I say never give up the Big Mac Battery!

  2. you are definitely looking great out there gerard!