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Luke Landrigan is one Son of a Beach

Summer is ending soon. What's the perfect way to end Gerard's last summer hurrah? SURFING! But the problem was that Gerard doesn't know how to surf...he doesn't know how to paddle...he's scared that maybe a shark will attack and bite his red plastic legs if he swims out too far in the ocean.

Good thing Gerard bumped into Luke Landrigan at the MYOH event. Luke is a professional surfer and instructor. He earned the Surfing Australia Level 1 Certification for surf instruction, a world-class qualification that permits him to teach surfing anywhere in the world! This dude got a surf school too, the Billabong Surf School in La Union. He's been surfing since the age of 10. No wonder he's got  washboard abs!

Luke and Gerard's conversation went like this:

Luke [in chill surfer lingo]: 'sup bruddah?
Gerard: I wanna hit 'em waves.
L: Cooool. -_-
G: I need your help, man.
L: Right on! Just gimme a call brah!
G: Awesome dude! Kawabonggga!

Gerard wants to surf epic waves..and wants abs too! Luke agreed to teach Gerard...but he's got 3 requirements for Gerard. First: buy board shorts. Second: take a 5-6 hour bus trip to San Juan Surf Resort. And third: to relax, enjoy and relish the surf lifestyle.

Gerard was excited for this summer trip—soon he'll be shaka-ing everyone at the beach, play with Poks and River, and eat chocolates after a long day of surfing.

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