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A Beautiful Tandem

Gerard did some spring cleaning over the weekend. He cleaned and polished his room using heavy duty, fully-automated ultrasonic equipment. He tossed out his broken alarm clock, old boots that don't fit anymore, and a pile of papers and magazine cutouts of Megan Fox. Under his bed, he found a poster of Shaider and Annie. At that moment, memories flashed back to him, when he wished to meet his own sidekick (and love interest) like Annie.

A few months ago, Gerard met Claire and Ricky Diokno, a makeup and hair and husband and wife tandem. They're the real life Shaider and Annie! But this duo don't fight the villain Emperor Kubilai of Fuuma (Shaider's enemies). Using their talent, makeup brushes, and a high-tech hair curler, they transform normal subjects into wickedly beautiful creatures!

Gerard loves Claire and Ricky. They're two of the nicest and down-to-earth peeps out there. Claire is gorgeous—in a huge kind of way :). Ricky advised Gerard to try sporting a platinum blonde-colored hair just like him. 

Maybe Gerard needs a bit of hair makeover, whaddyathink?

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  1. Time space warp.... ngayon din!!!!