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Gettin' that Machete Body

Gerard patted himself on the back when he lost that 0.5 lb with all that running and ball kicking with the Azkals. More determined to take his new healthy lifestyle to the next level, he's now exploring the world of DIETING

Gerard also was inspired when he saw a local TV show Machete. Not only does he dream of becoming a human-like Machete (Machete's the statue that becomes alive at night... is he a vampire or something?), he wants to have rock-hard abs. Good thing his owner, NiMu, tagged him along to an event to meet Machete... errr... Aljur Abrenica.

Gerard asked Aljur's secret so he, too, can achieve a Machete body.

                         Gerard: Aljur what's your secret? I want abs too.
                         Aljur: Umm... ano... self-discipline, gym at diet.

This time, Gerard showed him his inner showbiz reporting skills..

                         Gerard: Okay. I heard you're in the movie Temptation Island.
                         How does it feel that you're with Marian, Heart, Solenn
                         and other sexy girls?
                         Aljur: Ummm... ano... tempting.
                         Gerard: ...
                         Aljur: ...
                         Gerard: I'm hungry. What can I eat for dinner?
                         Aljur: Century Tuna Hotdog
                         Gerard: ....

Their simple conversation ended well. Gerard thanked him for his simple diet advice. He felt his tummy rumbling and gurgling, and slushing with oil. He rushed to the nearest grocery and bought a pack of Century Tuna Hotdog. He hopes the hotdog will give him abs like Aljur's.

Even robots enjoy eating hotdogs.

Special thanks to Mikke Gallardo.

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