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Baker King and Queen

Gerard has this ridiculous appetite for desserts. He just couldn't resist a box of doughnuts, chocolate cake, and muffins.
2:42 PM, Saturday. Gerard was munching down a cream puff when Rejoice Ondoy sent him a message through Spacebook, inviting him for a Pastry 101. Gerard grabbed his mini toque and Crocs, and ran to Rejoice's kitchen. Rejoice loves to bake cakes, cream puffs and choco eclairs! Not only will Gerard eat as much dessert to his heart's (and belly's) content, he now could bake all day and night.

1:00 PM, Sunday. Finally! After 24 hours without sleep, Gerard and Rejoice made four yummy desserts. Gerard's favorite part: taking pictures of the food!
Cake with Honey and Walnuts

Choco Cheesecake.
Gerard ate half of it before Rejoice took this picture.

Butter Almond Cookies

Coffee Muffins topped with Cornflakes

Gerard's plastic arms were exhausted with all the mixing, measuring and sifting, but it was worth it. His last task: to finish all four desserts. Whoa! Good luck to his belly and the extra calories!


  1. haha ang sarap nga! salamat nurds! very nice ang blog mo!!! :)