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Books and a Bee

Gerard remembered his first time stepping into a bookstore. Every bookstore in Robo Planet smells almost the same—the paper, ink and sometimes a hint of glue. It was a magical experience when he explored a bookstore named "Power Books". He loved the sight and smell of books that were old and those that were "fresh from the press". He wanted to buy a book called Robot Dreams (he happens to like Murakami, too!).
Gerard got lost for hours in the maze of shelves, secret passageways and walls lined with neatly-stacked piles of books! Good thing he met a pink bumblebee, named Wanna. Wanna gave him directions on his way out. Gerard felt something strange that moment... "Is this love-at-first-sight?"...but he realized that he just got stung by a bee.


  1. seems like Gerard is quite the loverboy, erm, loverbot! enjoys them pretty girls! can't blame him, though. and bookstores are really where you will find the most amazing creatures of geeky-but-oh-so-hot women!

    good job, Gerard!

  2. im not a loverbot, Tintin! hahaha! but yeah i like bookstores. :)