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Gerard is Gerald Anderson

Gerard bought an all-new digitally restored DVD of Disney's Pinocchio. It was no surprise that he liked the movie. Like any toy, Gerard have once looked up into the night skies and wished upon a star for a chance to become a real, live boy.

But Gerard is not the kind to tell lies, create stories and exaggerate tales like Pinocchio. Instead, he asked his friend and fellow robot Doraemon for a "Pinocchio Watch Device" that can help him transform into a real, live boy for 10 seconds. So one morning, he wore the watch, pressed OK, and then...he felt weird..his arms and legs were numb..his body shivered...he spinned like a tornado...

then POOF....Gerard became human! He slowly looked at the mirror and he couldn't believe his eyes...a very handsome guy was staring back at him...then he realized it was his own reflection! "Oh my gosh! I only have 10 seconds to be like this!", so he took a picture of himself as his proof of being human. "Beat that Pinocchio!"...POOF...he returned from being a toy robot. For 10 seconds, Gerard was the happiest robot of all.

A few months after his transformation, a very normal Gerard was asked to assist in a photo shoot. He fixed the lights, cleaned the studio...trying to be productive. All of a sudden, everyone was speechless, staring at the very handsome boy who walked inside the studio. His name is Gerald Anderson. He's a very famous celebrity.

Gerard was also speechless, staring at the face of this guy. His face was so familiar to Gerard...then he realized...that was the very same face he saw in the mirror! Gerald is Gerard's human counterpart!

Gerard still couldn't believe he was staring at Gerald. He awkwardly approached Gerald for a picture. Gerald smiled and posed with him in front of the camera.

The photo shoot ended well. Gerald thanked everyone for their efforts and left the studio. Even though Gerard didn't tell the story of his human transformation to Gerald, he was happy to meet him. This picture is a proof that, like in the movie Pinocchio, wishes do come true.

Special thanks to RJ Roque.

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