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saGuijo Part 2

Gerard's first concert...Daft Punk. He trekked Mars. With his robo posse, he danced like a rockstar. Screamed "AROUND THE WORLD" a hundred times. Wore helmets with various LED effects and metallic finger gloves. Those were the days. Gerard was crazy happy...until he almost had a short-circuit when he found out Daft Punk ARE NOT robots! eeeeek! *faint

Music is second nature to him—or at least that what he says.

Going to saGuijo is like a big concert. It's Gerard's second little home, and is always welcome to drop by for a visit and meet new friends.

He still likes Daft Punk.

Enzo Marcos (Severo)

Gerard can't play an instrument. He asked Barbie Almalbis if she could teach him some guitar basics... (Gerard is currently playing Guitar Hero-beginner level)

...or voice lessons with Nicole Asensio (General Luna). She is H-O-T!!!!

Ms. Pia Magalona

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