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saGuijo Part 3

Gerard realized it's been a month since he last went to saGuijo, so he decided to go there on a Tuesday night. Play4Serve was in-charge—Imago, Shuriken, The ButcherCons, Sandwich and Hijo were there to perform. Gerard missed watching local bands while drinking his favorite beer.

Meet Gerard's new found friends:

Tani Santos (Shuriken, guitars). Gerard asked Tani if he could play with his guitar effects,
Tani said, "SURE YOU CAN!"

Gerard wants to be in a production too. Luckily Revolver Productions' official pimp and gang leader Cris O Ramos, Jr was to there teach him the basics. Cris is always there in saGuijo, holding a cigarette on one hand, and a red horse bottle on the other.

Vocalist of The ButcherCons. His name is Neil....just Neil.
And he's got hair...lots of it.

Vic Mercado (Hijo, drummer), who is very surprised to see Gerard.

Ira Cruz (Hijo, guitars and back-up vocals). Gerard got a bit insecure when he saw Ira. He's an awesome guitarist, and he's good looking too. But Gerard thought "lamang lang siya ng limang paligo sa akin."

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