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21st Century Woman

It's been 6 months since Gerard started his adventures. He met a lot of people, saw a mountain, crossed a flooded street and ate a lot of desserts. Even though he's not gifted with superior powers like those Autobots and Decepticons, he has the ability to experience human emotions. Despite his lanky plastic figure, quirky music tastes, obsession to lose weight and bulk up, and penchant for fancying celebrities, Gerard still considers himself as, well… a 21st century robot!

21st century robot Gerard met the 21st century woman Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza. She's a young wife, writer, model, and food stylist. She's beautiful and charming. Gerard wondered how she can manage to do all of these stuff and still strike a fierce pose in front of the camera?...does she have super powers?...or maybe she drinks a lot of energy drink?

Gerard also found out that Sam is a cat lover. She has 10 cats. Sam told Gerard that some cats are allergic to their own fur. Gerard wants a pet cat, too! Is there a cat allergic to a robot? 

Sam is also a perfect example of a Southener (someone who lives in the south of Metro Manila like Ayala Alabang). Gerard did a little Q&A:

Gerard: How would you define a Southerner woman?
Sam: She ALWAYS wears comfortable clothes wherever she goes. Especially maxi dresses, sheer tops, white pants, flowy tops paired with black leggings, all-natural accessories (because we're environmental) or pearls and flats. The key is to always wear light, easy-to-wear clothes. *looks at self* Just like what I'm wearing right now.

Gerard: What's a typical day like for Southerners?
Sam: We're very busy. We work during the day, do yoga before lunch, have tea with lady friends, and by lunch we eat at vegetarian restaurants. In the afternoon we walk our dogs (in my case my cats), and a little after that we go to our favorite hang out place: Alabang Town Center.

Gerard: Thanks for the southerner tips. I love how southerners are laid-back and always cheerful!
Sam: Thanks, too! Visit me in the south and I'll bake you carrot cinnamon bread for you. 


  1. Thanks for this Nimu!!! Hahaha, ang cute ng interview, i wish kaya ko talaga mag Yoga! Such an honor to be featured here, thanks thanks! love yah gerard! =D

  2. Thanks too, Sam! :) i forgot to mention na kaladkarin ka rin hahaha :) mag-enroll ka sa Yoga classes para full-time Southerner ka na :)