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Screaming for Ice Cream

"Why do people eat ice cream?" Gerard asked Nimu this question when they went to a McDonald's store a week ago. Nimu, together with her officemates, walked into the store with big smiles on their faces and ordered Hot Fudge Sundaes. "Because ice cream makes EVERYTHING better!" Stephanie Asi answered while eating her sundae beamingly.

"Ice cream makes you feel good and you don't have to put any effort in eating it...there's no chewing involved! And when you feel so down in the dumpster, a scoop of this cold and creamy food will make you feel relaxed and happy about yourself. It's a feeling I can't really explain, hahaha! I always eat ice cream after eating my lunch, during merienda, or even before I enter a movie house." Steph explained to Gerard (other than red velvet cupcakes).

Gerard NEVER ate an ice cream it was his first time to try this cold food. He got an ice cream spoon, scooped a small amount of vanilla flavored ice cream and put it into his mouth. He felt the cold melted cream slide down his metal tummy. His "feel-good" metal receptors went bonkers immediately and he felt happy!

(spot Gerard)

After the ice cream eating session and still feeling hyper, Steph gave a high-five to Ronald McDonald (while Gerard did some push-ups on Ronald's biceps). 

'Til our next ice cream break, Steph!

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  1. Awww.. thanks Nimu. I super love my photo. Don't forget to invite me to your ice cream pig-outs! :-)