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To: David Bowie

Gerard explored saGuijo (obviously, this is his new happy place) last July 8 to watch David Bowie tribute night titled "Space Oddity". Anything that has the word "space" makes Gerard's metal tummy rumble with excitement. So even though it rained cats, dogs, elephants, and hippos, he braved the traffic-choked streets of Makati to see Hilera, The Purplechickens, The Strangeness, Blue Jean Junkies, and, of course, Ely Buendia and the Diamond Dogs.

Gerard made new friends:

Nan Santa Maria. He's an editor of a youth culture magazine
about the future called Status Magazine.
Gerard: Since this Bowie night, what's your favorite David Bowie song?
Nan: Not a big Bowie fan, but one song of his that I like is "Rebel Rebel"—coz I love my bands when they're playing hard! 

Neil of The ButcherCons. He asked about Gerard's favorite David Bowie.
"Underpressure" is Gerard's favorite song. He likes the collaboration
of Bowie and Queen. Neil likes the song, too! 
(see Neil and Gerard's other photo here)

Mike Benedicto (Outerhope) and Jo Aguilar. Mike was there
to support her sister and fellow Outerhope-r Micaela Benedicto,
who was the keyboardist for The Diamond Dogs.

Nino Mendoza and Miggy Matute of Blue Jean Junkies.

Nino: Did you like it?
Gerard: Yup I like it! It was entertaining! Miggy, what's your favorite David Bowie song?
Miggy: I'm sorry but it's impossible for me to choose one favorite Bowie song! I must have at least 10-20 favorites!
Gerard: Whoa!!!

Mikey Amistoso (Cuidad, Hannah+Gabi, Blast Ople)
Gerard: What's your favorite David Bowie song?
Mikey: I don't know any. I was here to primarily to support some friends. But I like Mates of State's version of "Starman".

The main act: Ely Buendia and The Diamond Dogs. Ely Buendia (Pupil) on lead vocals, Nitoy Adriano (The Jerks) on guitars, Wendell Garcia (Pupil) on drums, Jesse Grinter (Gaijin) on guitars, Micaela Benedicto (Outerhope) on keyboards, and Mayo Baluyut (Revenge Avenger) on bass [not in photo]. Sorry if Gerard wasn't in the photo. He was at the bar ordering beer.

Fun, fun, night!

Dear David Bowie,

Let's dance to the song they're playing on the radio.
You love the bands when the'ye playing hard.
You feel a wreck without little your china girl.
You've been shot in the head...
It's not your brain, it's just the flame...that burns your change to keep you insane.
Don't forget to take your pills and put helmet on.
There's a starman waiting in the sky, he'd like to come and meet us.
The diamond dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees.
We can beat them forever and ever.
This will be a rock n roll suicide.

Your fan,

Ely Buendia and The Diamond Dogs photo by Beverly Dalton.


  1. So cool to meet a robot who likes beer more than oil. Go, Gerard!

  2. I wanted to go that night, but didn't have anyone to go with. Boo! Need to find my own Gerard!