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Quezon Memorial

Clear skies and light, cool breeze -- "A beautiful Sunday morning," Gerard thought. "Perfect weather for a stroll in the park." Just when he started to wonder if there is a park within the city, Nimu asked him go with her to Quezon City Memorial Circle.

As they entered QC Circle, Gerard was greeted by food stalls, bargain shops, and a tall triad obelisk* that stands at the center of the park. The obelisk is called Quezon Memorial. Gerard found himself bending his neck-spring backward to almost 180 degrees as he looked up at the obelisk. He noticed that, at the top of the obelisk, there are 3 vertical pylons and 3 sculptures of mourning angel holding sampaguita wreaths. Inside the memorial is a musuem where the tombs of Manuel L. Quezon and his wife are located.

It was said that Quezon Memorial was meant to be the tallest structure in the city when it was built, with a height of 66 meters—a very fitting tribute to the country's former president. But through the years, more and more taller structures were built throughout the city.

Gerard didn't waste his chance and asked NiMu to take a snapshot of him with this historical structure.

*There's also an obelisk at Robo Planet. Their obelisk, called The Collision, was built to keep comets, asteroids and meteor from hitting their planet.

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