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So High School 2.0

Do you remember Gerard's task of finding the other 5 members of the group Tuke? After 3 months, on 2 different occasions, he finally met Itche and Lyn. 

Hazel Bandojo
Everybody was surprised to see Itche again at a friend's birthday party. She is as skinny as a matchstick, but still full of life and got lots of chika. She is one responsible daughter. She is now a mother of 2 wonderful kids (one is NiMu's godchild). She forced Gerard to drink beer that night.

Lyn Mariano
If some women embody an ideal Filipina like Maria Clara, Lyn, on the other hand, embodies Sisa. Nope...Lyn is not a lunatic. She is fun, fearless, and, yes, CRAZY! She's the kind of person that when she tells you a joke, her laughter is funnier than the actual joke itself. She is a loving daughter, tita and friend. She now works as a IT Consultant. She wants to try belly dancing (emphasis on the "belly").

Gerard's Tuke checklist:


During Gerard's journey of finding the remaining members, he met Tuke's subgroup.

Ceres Balbastro
Ceres is one big girl, guy and everything in between. She was the MVP of the basketball team back in junior year, and cried when she/he was appointed referee of the basketball league in senior year. Ceres knows how to create a basketball play, manage a team and lead them to the top. But she/he can't control the play of alcohol. Hahaha!

Kim Bayona
Kim is tall, tan and pretty. She loves to party. She lives in a condo with her cute dog Truffles. Kim said there's nothing happier than spending a night with high school friends. She introduced Gerard to Jack and Daniel, and since then 3 became good friends. 

Dewi Valientes
Dewi is as wicked as a villain. She knows how to fight and she's good at it. The mere raising of Dewi's right eyebrow instantly shuffled Gerard and jumped with fright! At first, Dewi didn't want to take a picture with Gerard because it was just a waste of time, she just shrugged and ignored him. But Gerard's smile instantly melted her heart. That smirk reminds Gerard that Dewi is a good girl after all.

So High School


  1. But she/he can't control the play of alcohol. Hahaha! <----- yeah dude! nice caption! wahahahah finally i met gerard! the dancing robot! ehehehe:P

  2. hay naku... malas naman oh.. mots kelangan may repeat to!!! when????