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NiMu was invited by her friend Eric Nicole Salta to the launch party of a new magazine called Maven. Gerard wanted to go, too, but NiMu hesitated to bring him along because he acts like a pesky child, running around the place and getting lost in the crowd. Gerard promised that he will be a good robot and will just stay inside her bag the whole evening.

Maven was launched at Opus in Resort World. Nimu thought the place was great. Gerard especially liked the zebra-printed couch.

Eric is the managing editor of Maven. As editor, he keeps track of the production schedule, makes sure all articles and layouts beat the deadline, handles the nerve-wracking budget, oversees shoots and reads the magazine from cover to cover. Gerard's head screws tightened when he heard Eric's numerous tasks and got really curious on how he 'loosens up'. Eric gave his top 3 stress busters: tennis, travel and music (candy pop, Miley Cyrus, alternative, art-rock, electronic). His guilty pleasure: Kpop (proof: the hairstyle). Eric told Gerard that he also liked the zebra-printed couch!

Tom Wagan is Eric's friend since high school. Gerard asked Tom, who works for a computer software company, if it would be possible to place a microchip on his back. Tom warned him that this will be a risky move and suggested to implant a wi-fi router instead. Gerard said he'll consider the idea.

Gerard kept his promised and just stayed by Nimu's side. Good thing Bevs, Reggie
were also there that night to support their friend Eric.

But Gerard can't help but to jump out of NiMu's bag and gave a holler
to his buddies James Reid and Ivan Dorschner.

Maven had a very successful launch. Nimu, Bevs, Reggie, and Tom are so proud of Eric. 'Til the next party (in the U.S.A.)!

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