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Incubus Live in Manila

"If not now, when?" Gerard said this to a robo friend who asked if he's going to watch the concert of the famous rockband Incubus here in Manila. It's the third time of the band to perform in the country, and Gerard can't think of any reason not to watch them. He immediately bought a ticket as soon as he saw posters of the band's concert, and marked the date July 28, 2011 on his digital planner.

The day of the concert came and Gerard was really excited about it. Before leaving his house, he finished a bottle of Space Redbull with petroleum to keep his energy level high throughout the night. Gerard arrived at the Araneta Coliseum around 6pm (see how excited he was!) and headed straight to his seat in the Upper A section. He got a nice view of the stage. The concert was sold-out. The place was packed with all types of human Gerard could imagine. It was the first time he heard loud squeals of fangirls...and fanboys. Gerard ended up squealing, too, when he saw Incubus on stage!

View of the stage from Gerard's seat.
Hello, Brandon!
Mike, howyoudoin'?
Wuzzup, Ben?
 DJ Kilmore, I like your dreads!
Jose, 'sup brotha?

"I hear you on the radio..."

"Know that everything moves in circles"


Wish You Were Here
Pardon Me
Anna Molly
Love Hurts
Look Alive
Promises, Promises
The Warmth
Sick Sad Little World
Talk Shows on Mute
A Crow Left of the Murder
I Miss You (Gerard's metal underwear dropped when Brandon Boyd sang this!)
In the Company of Wolved
Nice to Know You

Watch this video of Gerard at the concert. The crowd was insane!!


  1. Gerard went crazy insane huh?!?! :D

  2. yup! it was! what an experience! it was nice seeing you! :)