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Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's been raining for two straight days now, and Gerard was getting bored inside his room doing nothing. All he could hear were the raindrops on the roof and his metal stomach grumbling for food. So, with an umbrella on hand, he went out to buy some Aluminum Potchi candies, Steel Piattos, and Oily Royal at the sari-sari store across the street.

To his horror, he was surprised to see that all streets were flooded!!

Gerard must cross the street to buy food. The flood must be 5 inches deep, filled with muck, trash and other unrecognizable gross micro-organisms known to mankind... it's more than enough to drown Gerard, and might make his internal screws rusty, or even cause him robophantitis*!  So he figured he'd make himself a paper boat.

Will the paper boat carry Gerard's weight? Will it help him cross the flood? Will he able to buy and munch Aluminum Potchi Candies? What's underneath the cold, dark-looking flood?

*robophantitis -  enlargement of the internal screws when contaminated water is swallowed . 

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