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One Friday morning, Gerard asked NiMu if he could come along to her office and stay there the whole afternoon. NiMu will agree on one condition: that he'll only eat fishballs for merienda since he's been eating a lot lately. Gerard closed the deal with NiMu who handed him 5 one-peso coins to buy 10 pieces of fishballs.

When they arrived at the office, Gerard was left under the care of Vanessa Gatongay. Ness is a graphic artist and a very cute, happy girl. Nimu said Gerard and Ness are alike—they're both small but have big appetites. Gerard and Ness exchanged stories with about life, dogs and, of course, their favorite food. Gerard was surprised when he found out that it was Ness' last day at the office. Ness said she wants to explore better and greener pastures.

It was already 5 pm. Ness invited Gerard for merienda. Luckily, Manong Fishballs was there waiting for customers. Gerard gave his coins to Manong and happily chowed down the fishballs he bought!

Ness will be surly missed by Nimu...and Gerard as well!


  1. awww i'm lucky to even have merienda with Gerard's busy schedule! thanks nimers! will miss you! :D

  2. Thanks ness!! See you soon! Stay happy...and hungry!

  3. this post got me craving for fishballs!