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YouTube Apprentice

We all know that Gerard dreams of becoming a YouTube sensation. He posted his dancing video on YouTube, but it only had 4 hits. Pathetic. How could he be discovered by Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah Winfrey? Just when his determined plastic finger was about to press "delete" on the keyboard and erase his video on the internet world forever-- another inspiration came in the form of an odd YouTube star, Roadfill.
Roadfill is the other half of the Pinoy lip-syncing duo, MoyMoy Palaboy. They upload their videos on YouTube and got 5 million hits! Roadfill watched Gerard's dancing video (he's the 4th viewer) and saw potential in Gerard's dancing skills. Luckily, Roadfill's partner, MoyMoy, was busy with work and Roadfill wants to upload a new he asked Gerard to be his new singing and dancing partner. Yaaaahoooo!! Will this be the start of the Roadfill-Gerard fame?


  1. just came across your blog. you're funny. haha. so where's the link to your video? i can be your 5th hit. :D

  2. Thanks cher! Yup im a little funny sometimes! :) i provided the link above. Just click "dancing video". You're gonna be my 5th! Yay!!