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Random Weekend

Gerard wind his key more than 50 times this past weeked. He gave his mechanical body and springs a few good twists and oil change by the time he rode a taxi for the first time, watched local bands, and made new friends.

His first taxi ride was NOT cheap, an 8-minute drive in a that metered taxi costs about 180 pesos...he could have bought a half gallon of ice cream..or 20 packs of pancit canton..or 360 pieces of fish balls..or 36 bags of Nips...or see a movie. Dammit!

Gerard took that taxi to Katipunan, Quezon City and went to a bar called Route 196. It was his first time in Route. The place is cozy. It's a music/bar/art gallery in one. He relaxed on a sofa, and watched The ButcherConsRadioactive Sago Project, Caliph8+Malekule, and Goodleaf performed that night. He wanted to bring home Caliph8's electronic gadgets. Is there anything better than enjoying a slice of hot slice of pizza in one hand and a cold glass of beer in the otherGerard's thought bubble: "Hmmmm....this is the life!"

It was also Hijo's first ever gig, (there were a lot of firsts hehe) and Gerard was happy to catch it. Hijo are Nathan Azarcon (vocals and bass), Ira Cruz (guitar and back-up vocals), Vic Mercado (drums), Junji Lerma (guitar) ,and Jay-O Orduna (keyboards). 

Gerard's new friends! :)

Paolo Bernaldo (The ButcherCons, bass)

Nathan Azarcon (Hijo, vocals and bass). Gerard loves that shirt he's wearing. Niiiiice!

Nathan with the ultimate onion hater and cabbage lover, Denise Mallabo :)
(Gerard loves her blog: The Dahlin' Way)

He's head over heels for Mylene Dizon....

...and her Doc Martens.


  1. mylene and her DMs!

    (tintin po, btw :] love your posts!)

  2. i love her DMs, too! There's no such thing as Doc Martens in our planet.
    thanks for loving my adventures! Virtual high-five!