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A Crazy Thing Called Love

Rachell and Randell tied the knot!

Gerard has never experienced skipping a heartbeat, having a heartburn or crying over a heart break, he doesn't even have anything that resembles that human thing called "heart!" So, he's never believed in love---until he got invited to a wedding which he attended on March 28, 2011 in Immaculate Concepcion Church, Marikina. An amazing wedding of the two nicest people EVER! That day was also the day he wished he could meet his very own... Robo Girl.

They're married...and proud of it! Hell yeah!
(spot Gerard)

Gerard also met the bride's barkada of 9 years.

Jeryl Sto. Domingo and Erik Dumdum

Pay Noblefranca and Timothy Fulgencio

Apple Centino was one of the bridesmaids, with her escort, Gerard!

There are many stories and emergencies (makeup artist, this one applies to you) happened that day, but in the end, Gerard sum up everything on one word..BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations again Rachell and Randell!

Rachell, invite Gerard to your baby shower :)


  1. it was nice meeting you Erik! :)

  2. pokpok ka jerly sto domingo
    kpal ng muka mo... muka kang bakla

  3. Jeryl Sto. Domingo wala kang delikadesa kababae mo pamanang tao... ndi ka na nahiya... na pa walangya mo... kung matino kang babae ndi mo gagawin yung mga ginagawa mo.. kakarmahin ka din...