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Thank You For the Music

Gerard is a terrible singer. He tried joining "XYZ Coordinates Choir" during high school, singing along with friends at a karaoke joint and with minus-one tracks to get his voice better. It's not working. He knows the right note, he just can't make it sound appealing.. it sounds like cutting a piece of metal with a blunt saw. Ugh. 

Every time Gerard sings in front of people, he embarrasses himself. He badly needs a voice instructor...or someone who would teach him some vocal techniques. He was giddy when he found out his owner, NiMu, will have a photo shoot with Lea Salonga for one of their magazines. LEA SALONGA...eeeeek!! 

Gerard's thought bubble: Lea Salonga...she's so shiny...shimmery..and spleeendiiiiiiiiiiid... (A Whole New World cue here)

Lea gave Gerard some simple steps he should practice: 1) Relax and learn to breathe properly, 2) Practice singing AH EH EE OU (lots of awwww and ewwww), 3) Pronounce every word properly, and 4) Sing from the heart.

These made Gerard feel so much more confident and motivated to sing better. :)

I am nothing but a small voice
I have but a small dream
To smile upon the sun
Be free to dance and sing
Be free to sing my song to everyone..

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