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New Year's Resolution List

This 2012...Gerard wants to:
  1. work out more
  2. save
  3. have an oil change every 6 months to avoid breakdowns (physically and mentally)
  4. keep up with the Kardashians
  5. make new friends
  6. be more confident
  7. be the robo boss of 2012
To kickoff 2012, he asked Nimu's friend and makeup artist Cathy Cantada-Dizon for a "robo-makeover". Even though Cathy is an expert makeup artist for celebs, models, and brides, she happily agreed to be Gerard's "fairy godmother". 
Cathy and Gerard talked about music, Yoga, Paris Hilton, and the 20th Century Fox opening theme song obsession of his cute son, Crow. After the not-so-extreme-robo makeover, Gerard not only had more confidence, he also made a new friend! Thanks, Cathy!