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David and Gerard

There's no better way to welcome the new season of American Idol
than meeting an American Idol alumnus DAVID ARCHULETA!! 

Gerard knows what you're thinking: "HE'S HERE AGAIN???" It's true, he just keeps coming back. Well, as long as Saudi Arabia produces airplane fuel, David will keep coming back here in the Philippines hahaha!

Gerard got the chance to attend the press conference of David Archuleta here in Manila. At the presscon, David said he will be in town to film a show this February with TV5 called Nandito Ako. Gerard probably knows you're next question: "WHY?????" And to answer that: "Why not?" David will be putting down his mic for a while to try his hands at acting along side Eula Caballero and Gerard's biggest celebrity crush, Jasmine Curtis-Smith *blush*. Oh wait ...sorry...David will also be singing the Filipino theme song of the series! Gerard can almost hear David singing a few slang lines: "Nen-deeetow akoooohw umii-bhig sayeowwww...." 

David was really nice, simple and game, even giving in to posing with Gerard. He even turned Gerard's wind-up key to see his signature "robo-dance"move.

Hooray!! Cheers to Go, Gerard's baptism of international stars.