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She got that super bass!

After 4 fun years spent working at HIP, Nimu decided to move on and seek new challenges. Nimu told Gerard that she was thankful for having had the chance to be hired a week after her college graduation. She learned a lot, working on many, many projects with the smartest people in publishing industry.

Nimu now is working for Summit Media. She's (still) an art director of a tween magazine called Total Girl. Gerard, on the other hand, enjoys the creative atmosphere of her new office. His favorite room is...wait for it...the pantry! But when he's not eating, he sticks a magnet on his belly and jump against the steel wall partitions of the office cubicles.


Who can totally rap Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass"? Julie Anne can!

Julie Anne San Jose is the cover girl of Total Girl Magazine for the month of March (and Nimu's first issue with the magazine! YAY!). Aside from neon polkadots, stripes, and cute props, Julie Anne loves singing...and she can't live without it. Julie Anne can rap "And he ill-he real-he might got a deal-He pop bottles and he got the right kind of build-He cold-he dope-he might sell coke-He always in the air-but he never fly coach" like a pro, but she adds her own swag to it. And sure she got Gerard's heartbeat running away. Julie Anne's voice gave Gerard boom-badoom-boom-badoom-boom-goosebumps and shivers down his metal spine.

Watch "Super Bass" cover by Julie Anne here!

Grab a copy of Total Girl Magazine March issue. Available on bookstores and newsstands nationwide!