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Chris Tiu

Mmmkay, it's almost a year since Gerard promised to himself and to the entire worldwide web that he's gonna try a sport. Usually, Gerard has a lot of excuses like "my back was glued to my bed" or "not enough time" or "it's more fun to shoot a yummy orange ball into my mouth than into the hoop" blah blah blah...

This ultimate robo-slacking has to end. Good thing he bumped into another inspiration: Chris Tiu.
Chris Tiu is everywhere. Since the time he revealed the "sikreto ng mga gwapo" on a TV commercial a few years back, every guy was forced to rub their faces with an astringent-soaked cotton. Even Gerard had his fair share of the astringent craze, he actually drank a whole bottle of astringent instead of wiping some on his face. Still, Gerard did not twitch an inch like Chris Tiu. 

If not playing for the national basketball team, Chris is hosting a game show or contemplating whether to take another graduate degree program (while sipping his favorite milk tea (with pearls) while listening to Jay Chou). What is Chris' secret? Gerard has to find out his secret to awesomeness. Is it hard work? perseverance?  good looks? another bottle of astringent? Milo? Hmmm...

Aside from basketball, Chris is also into golf and was about to watch a golfing event that weekend. But the week he met Gerard, he just in fact came from a round of tennis with his brother, Charles. He said he wanted to try different sports and that he wanted to do so many things. This should be an inspiration to Gerard! How an athlete who is already good at his sport still wants to try so many other things.

But Chris was quite impressed with Gerard's dance moves. He said this is also one good way to work out. His advice to Gerard: "Have faith, work hard and play fair. Inspire others and make a difference in other people's lives. And oh, Gerard, a little wipe of astringent won't hurt :)"