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En Route: Baguio City

Just like what Eraserheads said: "Magda-drive ako hanggang Baguio..."

Weird ear-popping sensation when traveling in the mountains—Check ! Drive up north of Luzon—Check ! (well...errrr...Gerard did not drive all the way to Baguio, he took the easier route: hopped in Nimu's car and rode all the way up north. The Baguio trip was unplanned, the original plan was just a day trip to Subic, Pampanga. But when Gerard woke up from a deep and dreamy sleep, they were in Kennon Road already. Whaaaahhaaat!!!! The highway was steep and the thrilling zigzag was exciting and nauseating at the same time. Gerard was fascinated with the breathtaking view of the mountains. Gerard even rolled down the car windows to feel the cool breeze of Baguio.

All the way up the highway is the Lion's Head. Nimu said a Baguio trip wouldn't be complete without taking home a souvenir photo with this famous animal monument.
"Oh, Lion, what big teeth you have!!" -Gerard
(Spot Gerard)

Many people visit Baguio every summer because of it's cold weather and attractive tourist spots. And for Gerard's last summer hurrah, he made a list (a.ka. Baguio Checklist) of what to do in Baguio: visit attractive tourist spots, eat strawberries, ride ponies and bikes, buy Nimu ukay clothes, and of course, hug a pine tree!
Hug a pine tree—Check ✔! Yay! The pine trees at Burham Park are amaze-balls! He touched one of the trunk just to make sure it was a real tree coz the trees look fake hahaha! He even sat under it. The air was cool and the smell of pine was that familiar scent of Christmas! It made Gerard's metal case glow in happy-happy-joy-joy-ness. Aaaah, so much happiness a pine tree could give. So please, SAVE THE PINE TREES!!! 

Til the next summer adventure!

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