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S + K Wedding

A lot of weddings are beautiful and touching. When you have the money and resources, it's easy to hire the best people to create a flawless production. But not a lot of weddings have HEART.

Gerard went to most anticipated wedding of the year (Brangelina, we're looking at you!) last May 19, 2012. Kriska finally married her sweetheart of 10 years Sam Lim (who is no stranger to Nimu and Gerard, too) in the cutest, coolest DIY wedding where Kriska and Sam's friends and sibs did the wedding invitations, decorations, cooked the buffet food, made up the choir, did the hosting of the reception and even did video and photo shoots. Nimu and Jake *ehem* were the instax photogs at the reception. Nimu, together with her Tuke barkada, couldn't stop crying as Kriska walked down the aisle because this incredible woman that is Kriska (yeeeees!) is now married and is having a baby (Sam, we're looking at you!).

Some weddings become elaborate displays of wealth, but this was a simple, touching, intimately stylish, shining-shimmering-splendid (shoutout to the sparkler sponsors) affair no one would soon forget. Gerard's presence was the icing on the muffin, of course. Gerard couldn't dream up a better wedding for Kriska and Sam. (all together now: Aaawwww...)

Gerard wish Kriska and Sam all the happiness in the world. And oh, thanks for the free Boso-Boso view and accommodation (a.k.a. our car seats) hahaha!

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