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Woman of Style

Gerard really can't help it. He bumped into another woman of style: Patty Betita

Gerard blushed and shyed away from the camera when he met supermodel Patty a few weeks ago at a shoot for her Facial Care endorsement. She's really friendly, simple, beautiful, and looks young for her age! Style comes out of her naturally—Gerard thinks she looks great and classic on that striped maxi dress! Dream Girl Alert!! Gerard and Patty talked about food, Santorini, Greece, Filipino designers, and Tretorn. She also taught Gerard her favorite Ilonggo expression: "ambot sa imo!" 

Just like any other 21st century woman, Patty is modern, independent and successful. She established Thousand Oaks Personality Development Training Center which she handles along side her modeling career. She teaches business and social etiquette to employees, showing them how to be more confident, presentable, and well-groomed at a workplace. She conducts sessions for future models, too! Gerard wants to enter the world of modeling to overcome his shyness and stiffness. Patty said she's really looking forward to teaching him Modeling 101 soon.

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