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Scenesters BJ and Ziggy

SPOTTED: Two of Manila's most talented young personalities, BJ Pascual and Ziggy Savella.

Gerard met them for the first time at Bonchon a few months back. It was a fun fun fun night! They're both funny, cute, and screaming fashion (fashion pronounced as 'FASYOOOWN'). BJ and Ziggy are no strangers to the fashion industry. BJ is a top fashion photographer. Most of the covers of magazines Gerard saw on the newsstands lately were BJ's work. Woot! Meanwhile, Ziggy is a fashion designer. Gerard likes Ziggy's collection at the Philippine Fashion Week, it all looked wonderful! Gerard particularly liked the yellow hooded jacket that Ziggy designed. He thinks the bright color will suit his metallic complexion.

What makes them even more interesting is that aside from fashion, BJ and Ziggy love K-Pop. Gerard asked them their favorites—BJ is a fan of the "beastly idols" 2PM. SHINee is Ziggy's favorite, particularly Key and OTP JongHyun. Gerard appreciates korean songs, too! He's likes After School and 2NE1 because they're all very pretty. K-pop really brings people closer together, right Ziggy? :)

Check out BJ's works here.
See Ziggy's collections here.

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